Why Is It Bad To Take Metamucil Before Bed? The Hidden Downsides

Why Is It Bad To Take Metamucil Before Bed? The Hidden Downsides

Metamucil, a popular fiber supplement, is often lauded for its numerous health benefits. From promoting regular bowel movements to aiding in weight management, it’s no wonder many individuals incorporate this supplement into their daily routine. However, the timing of consumption can significantly impact the effectiveness and potential side effects of this supplement.  Many individuals choose … Read more

How Alpha Lipoic Acid Can Transform Your Sleep Patterns – From Insomnia to Sweet Dreams

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A considerable number of individuals have developed an interest in supplementing their diet with alpha lipoic acid (ALA) due to its touted health benefits. There has been a bit of controversy, though, over the question of whether consuming ALA before bedtime is the most beneficial approach. Some proponents argue that ingesting ALA before sleep might … Read more

Eating An Orange Before Bed: Pros, Cons & How It Impacts Sleep

Can eating an orange before bed every day, keep the doc away

You might be scratching your head, wondering why on earth someone would choose to snack on an orange just before they drift off to sleep. Let’s be honest, oranges are pretty sugary and consuming them right before bedtime might seem like a ticket to a restless night – think being awakened by a nagging thirst … Read more