What Does Seeing Your Sister In A Dream Mean? It Could Surprise

two women walking on pathway

Having a sister or not, we can all dream of having a sister. And while a sister in a dream can be a representation of what we consider feminine aspects as we would with dreams of other women, the nature of a sibling bond can change this when it comes to interpreting these types of [...]

Dreaming Of A Vampire? Here’s What That Could Mean & Why It’s Important

The idea of vampires has existed for centuries. And in recent years, pop culture has spread the tale of the vampire even further than it already was. These creatures associated with the night can come across in our dreams as well. And dreaming of a vampire may actually have some meaning depending on the interpretation. [...]

Dreaming Of Maggots & What It Means: The Honest Interpretations You Need

Dreaming of maggots can be distressing, just as it often is when we find them in our waking lives. We tend to associate maggots with death and decay, which is something most of us naturally avoid or feel disturbed by. As it acts as a reminder of our own mortality and the mortality of those [...]

What Does Dreaming About Rats Mean? Here’s Every Answer You Need

Most of us have encountered a rat at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s a shadow scurrying away in a busy urban area and sometimes it’s as a pet. Some of us have even been brought a rat as a gift from our cats. So it is no wonder that rats can be a [...]

The Meaning of Kitten Dreams: The Child Within Us Reaching Out

Kittens, while related to dreams about other felines, have their own unique meanings in our dreams. These meanings tend to relate to how we see them in our waking lives and what happens to them in our dreams can be looked at as a possible direct reflection of how we feel these aspects are being [...]

Butterfly Dream Meaning: The Negatives, Positives & Everything In Between

The meaning of a butterfly dream can be a few things, some of them positive, some negative.  When we dream of butterflies we need to take into consideration if they have any particular colours that stand out to us, what those colours mean to us and whether or not it is relevant to our dream. [...]

Did You Dream of A Missed Flight? Here’s The Interpretation That You Need!

Dreams about flight are among the more common types of dreams we can experience. In this article, we will be looking at dreams about flight, but with a twist. We will be delving specifically into what it means to dream of a missed flight and how this could tie in with our subconscious beliefs regarding [...]

That Dream About A Skunk You Had Could Have Many Significant Meanings

So here you are having awoken from a dream about a skunk, wondering what all that smell may be about! Well in short, a dream about a skunk often relates to feelings of suppression, rejection or expression. While each of these three could be a possible scenario, we will need to look at how the [...]

The Meaning of Your Earthquake Dream & Why It Matters

Dreaming of being caught in an earthquake can be a terrifying experience. An experience that could leave you waking up with your adrenaline pumping and a taste of fear in your mouth, or it could leave you feeling exhilarated. You may also wake up wondering what it all means. Below we will be looking at [...]