What Does Seeing Your Sister In A Dream Mean? It Could Surprise

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Having a sister or not, we can all dream of having a sister. And while a sister in a dream can be a representation of what we consider feminine aspects as we would with dreams of other women, the nature of a sibling bond can change this when it comes to interpreting these types of dreams.

Dreaming of siblings can often be related back to either our childhood with them or feelings we may have towards them currently.

While most of this article will focus on those of us who may have sisters, we will also look at what it may mean to dream of having a sister when we might not have one in our waking lives. 


  1. What Does It Mean To See A Sister In A Dream?
  2. The Relationship With A Sister
  3. Attending Your Sister’s Wedding
  4. Receiving A Sentimental Gift
  5. Seeing A Sister Sick
  6. The Death Of A Sister
  7. When You Don’t Have A Sister
  8. Conclusion: Rivalry Or Unity & How We Relate

What Does It Mean To See A Sister In A Dream?

To understand what dreaming of a sister may mean we need to look at these dreams as having a multitude of meanings.

Sister relationships can often be complex and fought with intense emotions, and we can see this in the meanings of dreams with our sisters as well.

A dream of our sister can often be related back to a waking life aspect we associate with them or a more typical representation of our bond with our sister. In some cases it could also represent a person not related by blood, but who we may consider a sister or have a bond with as we would possibly have had with a sister.


In a dream where we experience rivalry with our sister, whether or not it is related to our waking life relationship we can look at it as potentially being symbolic of our insecurities or self-doubt.

These insecurities or self-doubts can often be traced back to comparing ourselves to our siblings in our waking lives or feeling that we are compared to them by others, especially our other family members.

While this is a sensitive subject and we may wish that it was not the case, it can happen in families where one sibling appears to be preferred over the other. When we feel this has happened to us it can manifest itself in our dreams as a rivalry or arguing with our sister, even if in our waking lives we are not in conflict with them.

Nurture & Protection

In the case of a dream where we feel protected or nurtured by our sister, we could look at this as a representation of how we may feel in our waking lives. Especially in the case of potentially having a protective older sister, or in some cases, the idea we may have due to media influence and seeing other family dynamics of having this potentially protective and caring older sister.

We can also look at this through the lens of a younger sister, where a dream such as this may represent how we may be feeling that we need to act as a protector and/or the carer for our younger sibling.

Even in families where there is minimal conflict, we may feel a strong sense of still wanting to act as protector for a younger sister and we can find that this appears in our dreams, especially when we may feel that they are entering the world at large and slowly leaving the safety net behind.

However, if the relationship with our sister does not represent this in our waking lives, it could be symbolic of a want to feel this type of bond with our sibling.

Other Familial Aspects

Another way we can look at dreaming of a sister would be to consider if there are any aspects of our sister we admire or dislike and look at these dreams in a sense of displaying how we may feel about these aspects.

This can become especially prevalent in our family roles. It may be that we see these aspects in other members of our family or that we feel other members of our family cannot see these aspects.

Alternatively, something that can happen often with dreams of a sister would be that we can possibly relate these dreams back to our childhoods and any unresolved issues we may still be grappling with, even subconsciously.

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The Relationship With A Sister

Below we will have a look at various aspects of how our relationships with a sister may be represented in our dreams of them.

We do need to consider that more than one of these aspects can coexist at a time, as relationships can be complex and even contradictory at times. We may find that this carries over into our dreams.

Arguing With Your Sister

To start with we will look at what it means to argue with a sister in a dream.

We can relate this back to potentially feeling insecurity or self-doubt, especially when one feels one may be compared to one’s sibling in one’s waking life. This could lead to us feeling that we may not be as loved as our siblings. There may be a sense of a lack of love subconsciously when we feel we are being compared to a sibling and may feel we often come second to them.

Another way we can look at a dream of arguing with our sisters would be to look at what we may be arguing about. We could look at this as symbolic of internal conflicts and turmoil we may be experiencing represented by what we may argue about in a dream.


Having a dream in which we experience jealousy towards our sister could be emotions from our waking lives being carried over into our dreams.

However, if this is not the case, we can also look at this as a possible representation of feeling fear of being vulnerable in a more intimate way with those around us or someone we feel close to. This could be with someone who embodies aspects we see in our sister in our waking lives, or it could be that we may feel that we wish we could open up to our sister.


As with jealousy, it can be with love in dreams as well. When we have a dream in which we feel love towards our sister it may be our feeling being carried over from our waking lives.

While some of us may not have close ties with our sisters, for some there exists a sibling bond and a dream such as this could be a representation of what one may feel in one’s waking life.

However, we also need to look at a dream like this from the side of those of us who may not have a deep bond with our sister. In such a case a dream where we feel love towards our sister may be our mind’s way of communicating to us that we feel a lack of this love or bond.

This could leave us feeling unworthy or unloved even subconsciously and we can tie this in with potentially also feeling like we are not good enough in the eyes of our families.


At times we can have dreams in which we feel hatred towards our sister, while we may or may not feel this way towards them in our waking lives.

Dreams where hate is present often represent suppressed anger. To interpret what the anger may be about, we need to look at what aspects of our sister we felt hatred toward in the dream.

We may not actually hate our sister, but rather feel anger towards something she may represent in our subconscious. In some cases, it may even be anger that we feel towards something that was done to our sister.

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Attending Your Sister’s Wedding

Depending on our cultural beliefs and the importance we place on weddings, we may have dreams in which we see our sister getting married.

While these dreams can also occur regardless of our cultural beliefs or views on weddings, the meaning behind such a dream stays relatively similar.

Dreaming of watching our sisters getting married can be looked at as symbolic of a transitional phase of their lives we may feel we are witness to.

On the other hand, especially when we come from a household that may not always have been the most pleasant place to grow up in, we can also see a dream such as this as representing our possible belief that our sister may be gaining independence and starting a new journey in her life.

This does not necessarily mean she may be getting married in our waking lives but could refer to us witnessing her moving forward with her life, for example, perhaps going to college.

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Receiving A Sentimental Gift

In a dream where we receive a gift from our sister that we attach sentimental value to we can look at it in the following ways.

Acceptance Of Love Or Being Loved

The gift in the dream could symbolize a feeling we may have of accepting the love shown by our sibling or a sense that our sister feels love for us.

The gift can also represent not having these aspects and feeling a desire for that sibling bond to exist.

A Reminder Of Progress

Another way we can look at receiving a gift of sentimental value from our sister in dreams would be to look at what the gift may be.

This gift could represent the process we have made in our lives or feel we have made. It may be the mind’s way of reminding us how far we have come by having us receive the gift from someone we generally would associate with having a bond. This can still apply even if the bond does not exist in our waking lives, in a sense the subconscious may present us with a representation of what a bond with a sister could be, rather than what we may have in our waking lives.

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Seeing A Sister Sick

In a dream where we see our sister being ill, it may mean that we may feel there is some problem in our waking life in desperate need of healing.

We need to look at what a sister in a dream represents to consider what may be the aspect we may feel is in need of healing.


It could be that we feel there are unresolved issues, especially from our childhoods or that our bond may not be what we would like it to be.

However, it could also relate to the self, it may mean that we feel there is some aspect our sister embodies that we may have that we would perhaps like to heal within ourselves.


As with healing, we could also take this type of dream to mean we may be feeling pity towards our sister or ourselves due to some part we may feel needs healing, especially when it comes to the emotional state.

It may also be that we are experiencing some self-pity if it is the case that we are perhaps pining after a sibling bond that may not exist.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, most of us would prefer a bond with our siblings over conflict.

The Death Of A Sister

When we have a dream in which our sister passes away, but she is still alive in our waking lives, we can look at it in two ways.

Firstly, we could look at the death in the dream as a symbolic representation of the death of a quality our sister may embody. It may be that the quality or behaviour exists still and is causing strife and our mind may be attempting to tell us that the lack of this quality would ease the possible tension or conflict.

It could also be that we feel we may need to cut ties with this person for our own well-being. However, it’s best to think through such a difficult choice rather than simply ending a relationship over what one may be feeling subconsciously. We need to consider what is in our best interests.

Another way we can look at this is when we have cut contact with our sister, or rarely have contact. In this case, it may flow over into our dreams and we may dream of the death of our sister. In this way, it may be the subconscious mind’s way of acknowledging that our sister may no longer be a part of our waking lives.

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When You Don’t Have A Sister

We may not have a sister in our waking lives, yet we can have a dream in which we have a sister. While this applies mostly to those of us who do not have a sister, this section can also apply to those who do have a sister but feel their dream is more figurative than based on their waking lives relationship with their sister.

A sister in dreams when we don’t have one can represent the feminine qualities we have within ourselves or see in someone close to us.

To understand what a dream such as this may mean we need to consider how this sister may behave in our dream and what qualities she may be displaying. These can be qualities we have, but have perhaps not yet acknowledged in the self.

Conclusion: Rivalry or unity and how we relate

Looking at dreams of our sisters we most often see them as representing our waking lives’ bonds with our sisters.

These dreams can also come to the surface when we have unresolved childhood issues, especially with our siblings or immediate family.

However, while this is usually the more common meaning of dreams of our sisters, these dreams can also be interpreted in a more figurative sense rather than being an actual representation of our waking lives. Sisters in dreams often portray what we as a society tend to consider feminine aspects, but due to the nature of a sibling bond, this can be more complex than a dream of a random woman we