The Meaning of Dolphin Dreams: The In-Depth Interpretation You Need!

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Ever woken up thinking to yourself, “what did my brain just come up with”? Especially when you dreamt of something you don’t often see or interact with during your waking life. That’s exactly the thought many have when dreaming about dolphins.

In this article we look at those dolphin dream meanings, the different scenarios around dolphin dreams, explain why we dream of dolphins, and what it all might mean.

The explanations given here are just the most common meanings of this type of dream, and for you it might differ. That’s because people can often deviate from the common meaning of a dream based on their own past experiences with the subjects of our dreams in this case dolphins.

it is also good practice to look at the dream as a whole instead of just focusing on a single subject. That leads to a more in-depth analysis of what your mind is trying to tell you.

Below we delve in-depth into dolphin dream meanings. We hope it helps enlighten you.


  1. Why Can Our Dreams Be So Strange Sometimes
  2. Dolphin and Water in Dreams: What it All Means
  3. Why We Dream of Dolphins
  4. Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental & Emotional Meanings
  5. Dreams About Interacting With Dolphins
  6. Dreaming of a Dolphin Dying or in Distress
  7. Sharks and Dolphins
  8. Dolphins out of Water
  9. The Meaning of a Dolphin Dream: Our Final Thoughts
Dolphin dream meaning

But First: Why Can Our Dreams Be So Strange Sometimes?

Think of dreams as a way that your subconscious is trying to tell you about the underlying things you may need to resolve in your waking life.

Your subconscious is like that friend you have that can be a bit eccentric. The friend that can leave you feeling like you just had the biggest adventure of your life, but one that also makes you question your sanity. That’s your subconscious, the eccentric friend, the one with a bit of a wild streak to them.

Instead of our dreams just straight out telling us what our subconscious is trying to say, our mind takes images we know and often shares common emotional responses to them. Why? To try and alert us to what is bothering us. But then the storyteller (us) likes to add in some extra flair.

So instead of telling you what you may need, your mind will leave you with this puzzle of subjects to decipher on your own. That’s what has lead you here to wonder about the meaning of a dolphin dream.

Before going into specific scenarios around the meaning of a dolphin dream, below are the general meanings behind dolphins and water appearing in your dreams.

Dolphins and Water in Dreams: What it All Means

Water and dolphins are deeply connected, not just in our waking life, but also in our dreams. In our dreams, both relate to our emotional well-being in specific ways.

When we dream of dolphins we tend to dream of water as well. Both are a representation of the well-being of the emotional essence of your subconscious. So seeing a dolphin or dolphins in water would have a different meaning than seeing them outside of the water.

Water tends to represents our current emotional state and how well we are connected to it. The quality of the water and how calm it is tends to be a good indicator of what is happening within you emotionally. The size of the body of water would indicate how many of your emotions you are currently feeling comfortable accessing, or how close you are to those emotions overwhelming you.

For example, dreaming of water that you cannot enter could indicate that you feel unable to access your emotions. That could be due to walls we have built mentally or from others preventing us from expressing ourselves.

On the other hand, dolphins tend to represent one’s emotional state of having found or being in a state of peace, serenity, or feeling capable emotionally. However, this largely depends on how the dream plays out. In the event of the dream being a negative one or nightmare, it could represent the negative aspects in a sense.

When the two appear together in a dream it could signify our emotional state and how connected we feel to it. It could be our mind’s way of telling us that we need to keep our emotional state connected to ourselves, instead of shutting that connection down in an attempt to protect ourselves.

If we look at the meaning of a dolphin dream when the dolphin appears alongside water, then we need to note what state the water is in, and not just the state of our interaction with the dolphin or dolphins.

If the water is unsettled, it could show an unsettled feeling with our emotions. But if the dolphin is swimming strong and confident in the water then it may be representing that your emotions are overwhelming, but that you are capable of pushing through the current storm.

Another example may be that the water is calm, which would indicate that you feel your emotions are manageable and the dolphin represents the ability to connect to those emotions. A tranquil experience would speak of communication between both parts being in harmony.

However calm water and a distressed dolphin could represent that we fear being emotionally overwhelmed and having our current state of mind flung into chaos.

Dolphin dream meaning

Why We Dream of Dolphins

Dreams offer us a deeper window into what we may be feeling, how connected we are to those feelings and if the communication between our conscious and subconscious is stable. As the eyes are the windows to the soul, our dreams are the window into our psyche and its well-being.

Commonly dolphins are seen as highly intelligent creatures and capable of sensing what we humans often miss, especially when it comes to those feelings we hide from ourselves.

Another common association with dolphins is that they are very social creatures. That’s because we know they tend to have strong connections to each other.

So when we dream of dolphins, it is usually our minds telling us about ourselves in relation to what we associate with dolphins – like in the above.

So unless we have had experiences or feelings towards dolphins that deviate from the common way they are seen (social and intelligent), dolphins tend to be symbols of a positive nature when appearing in dreams.

However, if we have had negative dolphin experiences in our waking life, then the meaning of a dolphin dream could relate to the turmoil we are experiencing within ourselves, rather than serenity.

Dolphin dream meaning

The Emotional Side

This is very dependent on what state the dolphins or dolphin in your dream may be in. Whilst a dolphin dream is usually a positive experience, there can be distressing dreams about them as well.

Dolphins tend to show how connected we are to what we may be feeling. Dreaming of dolphins is often a sign that you are connected to your emotional side and they tend to be good signs.

But having dreams of dolphins in distress can signal not being able to connect to your emotional side or even feeling like you are in distress or despair in your waking life too.

Dolphin dream meaning

Connections: How Your Subconscious & Conscious Speak to Each Other

Even though we are all aware that subconsciously we may have unresolved feelings or issues, we can often struggle to connect our conscious mind to our subconscious.

Some of us may have a tendency to build walls to protect our conscious mind from our subconscious mind. When we sleep, dreams have a tendency to breach these walls.

We wake and cannot seem to get rid of the thoughts of these dreams. Those are the times when our subconscious has managed to spill into our conscious mind. Due to the differences in how these two express things it may leave you feeling slightly unsettled.

When this happens we can wind up being unable to let go of the dream and want answers around what all the imagery could possibly mean.

In the case of the meaning of a dolphin dream, it could indicate how connected these two pieces of yourself are.

Below we will look in-depth at the meanings behind these dreams and other possible scenarios that may come up when dreaming of dolphins. Including dolphin dreams that are a distressing experience rather than a tranquil one.

Dolphin dream meaning

Dolphin Dream Meaning: Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental and Emotional Meanings

Dolphins are commonly seen as tranquil creatures, with an ability to sense far more than we humans can.

Often we associate them with extreme intelligence. Thus dreaming of them is commonly associated with these traits within ourselves.


Spirituality in the case of dolphin dreams could have one of two meanings – or even both combined. This is highly dependent on how you feel in regards to the more religious or spiritual aspects of the world.

If you are religious it could be an indicator of how connected you feel to your faith and how confident you are in your faith. A positive dream about dolphins could indicate that you feel deeply connected to your beliefs or even that you feel you are on the right path with your faith.

It could also refer to how you feel in regards to the emotional state of others around you. Dolphins are believed by some to be sensitive to what others feel, often humans. We can associate this trait with ourselves.

You could perhaps be a very emphatic person and feel you are connecting to the emotions of those around you easily, especially if the dream is a peaceful one. You may feel that you are capable of understanding the emotional state of others well.

In that case, it would be that you feel you are in connection with your emotional state and therefore capable of handling that of those around you or of a specific person.

Dolphin dream meaning


Often we associate dolphins with extreme intelligence. Dreaming of a dolphin or dolphins could be the way your mind is telling you how you subconsciously feel about decisions you have made and your confidence in those decisions.

It could also be an indication of how you feel about your own intellectual capability.

If it’s a positive dream, this does not mean one is egotistical or arrogant for having a positive dream that may relate to one’s intellectual capability. Rather it is an indicator of self-confidence and belief in oneself and therefore should be seen in a positive light. There is a major difference between arrogance and confidence in yourself.

A dream that shows how you feel about your own intellect can be a good indication that you feel you have the ability to take on the challenges you may be presented with going forward.

Dolphin dream meaning

Mental and Emotional

Dreaming of dolphins is also an indicator of the stability of our mental and emotional states. Although the two may seem separate, they are deeply connected. If one half falters, the other struggles and may fail us.

Think of these two being pillars of support holding up the roof that is your inner psyche. You need both to carry the weight placed upon you and if one fails, the other then step ins. However eventually one won’t be able to support the weight alone anymore.

Therefore a dream of dolphins could tell us more about how these two are connected and how stable they are.

Should the dream be positive, it’s a good sign that you are well connected to both states and that they are communicating well with each other. The opposite is true for a dream that may be negative or a nightmare.

While most commonly dreams of dolphins seem to be positive experiences, there are other scenarios that can sometimes be distressing.

Below are a few scenarios that commonly occur in dreams of dolphins.

Dolphin dream meaning

Interacting With a Dolphin In Your Dream

When we interact with dolphins in our dreams, depending on the level of interaction, it tends to be an indicator of how connected we feel socially to others. The more positive the interaction the more connected and confident we feel in regards to our social bonds.

Whilst an emotional dream and social interaction may not seem connected, it does affect how one responds to bonds with others in one’s life.

If our emotional state is in despair or chaos, it has a tendency to flow over and affect our social interactions. Therefore the level of interaction and what light you see it in could indicate to you how you may feel about the social bonds in your life. It could also refer to a single social bond and how you respond to the bond.

Dreaming of a Dolphin Dying or in Distress

Although this may be a very distressing dream it can be an indication that one feels hopeless and detached from one self’s emotional state.

Depending on the severity of the injury to the dolphin we could take a guess at how severely one feels that disconnect.

If you dream of trying to save the dolphin, but you fail it could indicate you feel you cannot handle the intensity of the detachment or hopelessness you’re feeling.

However, trying to save the dolphin may indicate that in your waking life you are trying to heal those parts of yourself.

Dolphin dream meaning

Sharks and Dolphins

While sharks often represent hostility and anger, they can also signify fierceness or a fire within oneself to fight back.

If in you dream of a dolphin being attacked by a shark, it could be that you feel someone or something – or perhaps even yourself – is blocking you from reaching an emotionally positive state.

If the dolphin defeats the shark in your dream it could be that you believe the obstacle/s trying to block you from achieving this positive state are obstacles you can overcome. It may represent a belief in your own ability that you can fight back.

Dolphins Out of Water

Dreaming of a dolphin out of the water represents a complete disconnect from one’s emotional state.

You may be feeling that potential positive scenarios in your life are scenarios you are not capable of reaching, or that there’s an obstacle preventing you from reaching them.

Attempting to get the dolphin back into the water would signify the way you are attempting to get past this disconnect. Whether you fail or not in the dream is not relevant, the important thing is that you are trying.

Trying to save the dolphin would also be an indication that in waking life you are attempting to move past that disconnect.

The Meaning of a Dolphin Dream: Our Final Thoughts

Generally, dolphins are a positive experience to have dreams about. They are how our subconscious alerts us to what our level of connection is to our psyche, especially emotionally. 

When the dream is not a positive one, that could mean there’s something in your life where you are struggling. Your mind is trying to tell you that it needs you to work on that aspect.

Remember that even the strongest people out there stumble at times and there is no shame in having a negative dream about dolphins. Simply, it’s a way for us to learn what our minds feel we are lacking.

As long as you keep trying the battle is never lost and if your dream was positive, then you’re well on your way already.

Every dream is unique to the dreamer; even a nightmare can help us find ways to heal.