Insomnia After Surgery: Why It Happens & 11 Easy Tips To Help

a man sitting on a bed

Insomnia is a common problem after surgery. It can be caused by pain, anxiety, medications and other factors. However, you can do several things to help yourself get a good night's sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for healing and recovery after surgery. But insomnia can delay healing and make it more difficult for your [...]

How To Sleep After Gallbladder Surgery: Seven Must-Know Tips & More´┐╝

Gallbladder surgery is a common procedure. It's widely known to be safe and effective, with few complications or side effects. However, there are some things you may experience after your surgery that could impact your sleep, like pain or nausea. In fact it's not uncommon to experience disturbed sleep after gallbladder surgery. This is due [...]

How to Sleep After BBL: Sleeping Positions & Three Steps You Can Take

When a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery has been done, one of the many changes that must be made to aid recovery is finding a way to sleep comfortably. As it's not possible to sleep on your back after this procedure, it is necessary to find a comfortable sleeping position and keep yourself from rolling [...]