Drinking Orange Juice Before Bed: Why You Should Think Twice Before Pouring That Glass

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According to Statista, Americans consume nearly 500,000 metric tons of orange juice per year. Although the statistics show domestic consumption is declining, the USA still ranks first amongst countries when it comes to consuming orange juice.

With that much consumption, it is important to know the effects of drinking orange juice, especially at night.

So what exactly happens when you drink orange juice before bed? That’s what we explain next!

Disclaimer: You must always consult your doctor before including a new supplement or food into your daily routine as only your doctor can explain any pros or cons that are specific to you. Some supplements & foods may interfere with medications and/or cause allergic reactions.

Orange Juice Before Bed

Drinking Orange Juice Before Bed: What You Need To Know

Orange juice is mainly consumed because of its nutritious benefits. One cup of orange juice contains calories, protein, carbohydrates, and sugar. Together, they supply several nutrients to the body including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, folate, calcium, and more.

So, what happens when you consume orange juice before bed? Below are some of the reactions that may occur that you should be aware of.

Orange Juice Before Bed

1. Weight Gain

Orange juice contains calories which consist of a lot of sugar. If a regular orange juice consumer does not combine the beverage with protein and fiber-rich foods or drinks, it can wreck a person’s blood sugar and cause weight gain.

Frequent consumption of orange juice before bed can cause weight gain because in our dormant resting state we are unable to utilize the supplied sugar, which instead is then converted to excess fat.

2. Increased Appetite

When orange juice is consumed, the blood sugar rises; and if that the drink contains more sugar than fiber it will be quickly digested. That prompts a crash in energy levels making you feel hungry by the next morning.

3. May Cause Heartburn

Orange juice is very acidic due to citrus acid. Drinking orange juice before bed—which means consuming citrus acid—might trigger a reaction in your stomach which may easily lead to heartburn when your body is at rest.

4. May Cause Restlessness

The sugar contained in orange juice is enough to spike your insulin, resulting in restlessness characterized by increased thirst, frequent urination, and unnecessary hypersensitivity throughout the night.


General Effects Of Orange Juice On The Body

Orange has some vital nutrients that help the body function. In fact the Vitamin C available in a cup of orange juice is enough to take you through a whole day.

Potassium is also high in orange juice, which is good because it provides two of the B-complex vitamins that you need: folate and thiamine. It also contains fat and protein but in small amounts.

All of these nutrients play important roles in the body, which are what this section of the article will be highlighting.

1. May Reduce Blood Pressure

According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, orange juice is found to aid the reduction of blood pressure. That is said to be performed by an anti-inflammatory and antiatherogenic polyphenol called hesperidin. The supply of potassium also helps in this regard.

A clinician in the process of conducting a blood pressure examination. Original image sourced from US Government deparment: Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under US law this image is copyright free, please credit the government department whenever you can”. by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

2. Reduction of Birth Defect Risk

Folate, which is contained in orange juice, is considered to be a very good supplement that boosts healthy fetal development.

Each day, pregnant women need at least 400 micrograms of folate or folic acid to prevent neural tube effects —according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

3. May Support Nerve And Muscle

The supply of potassium in orange juice helps muscles to contract and boosts the function of the nerves. Additionally, it regulates the fluid levels inside the body to ensure that it functions normally.

4. Boosts Immune System

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for immune function in the body, which needs an external supply of it. Orange juice supplies enough Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and coenzyme for a family of regulatory enzymes which support the functions of immune cells in the immune system.

Orange Juice Before Bed

Side Effects Of Drinking Orange Juice

Let’s go into some of the adverse effects of drinking a little too much orange juice:

1. May Lead To Obesity

Constant intake of orange juice before bedtime will cause the development of excessive fat. Since the accumulated sugar is not utilized or sweated out after each consumption, the calorie level is spiked and the body then acts by converting the sugar into fat, which may end up causing obesity if not checked.

Orange Juice Before Bed

2. Increased Risk Of Diabetes

The process of getting the juice out of the “fruit leads to a lower content of phytochemicals and dietary fiber,” Dr. Qi Sun from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health has said. “In addition, juice fluids are absorbed more rapidly and lead to more dramatic changes after eating in blood sugar and insulin levels than solid whole fruits.”

This means that the fiber, meant to balance the blood sugar, is heavily reduced due to the processes involved in making orange juice, which increases sugar dominance and enables it to disrupt blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity, thereby essentially increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

3. May Damage Teeth

Drinking too much orange juice before bed, or at any point during the day, can cause damage to your teeth, as per the American Dental Association (ADA). Orange contains a high amount of acid which when consumed excessively in the form of juice can rot tooth enamel.

Drinking Orange Juice Before Bed: Wrapping Up

Drinking orange juice before bed requires a conscious effort to ensure that it doesn’t ultimately hurt your health. To achieve this, you have to take a little serving of the juice and complement it with a fiber-rich food so that the fiber can properly digest the sugar content in the juice.

Even so, It is still heavily advised to drink the juice in the morning rather than at night, or better still opt for whole fruits that are rich in fiber.