The Meaning of Killing a Spider in Our Dreams: The In-Depth Interpretation You Need

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Spiders can crawl into our dreams and leave us wondering what they wanted from us. Yet even though spiders are often seen in a bad light, seeing them or killing them in a dream could be an indication of something good.

However how you feel about spiders – and any other elements of the dream – are always relevant if we are to truly interpret what was meant by your subconscious while dreaming.

Below we will look at the most common meanings around killing, spiders, and killing a spider. We strongly encourage you to read it all. Not only will it give you a better understanding, it may even give you some needed positive encouragement.


  1. The Meaning of Spiders, and the Meaning of Killing, in Dreams
  2. Possible Dreams About Killing a Spider & What They Could Mean
  3. Spider Killing Dreams: What Are They Trying To Us?
  4. Other Spider Dream Scenarios
killing a spider dream

But First: The Meaning of Spiders, and the Meaning of Killing, in Dreams

To look at what it means to kill a spider in a dream we need to look at the meanings associated with killing and spiders.

That’s because to fully analyze a dream of killing a spider or spiders, both the meaning of killing and of spiders become relevant. We combine these two meanings to look at what such a dream could mean.


Killing in dreams can refer to feeling like one is on the edge and about to lose control. It could represent rage depending on how you felt while doing the killing. It may be that you’re trying to hide anger from yourself.

Or it may be that you want to remove some part of who you are, a quality you may feel needs to be gotten rid of.

Are there perhaps some old habits you want to rid of? Or a behaviour you feel may need to be changed?


Dreaming of spiders can have many meanings, some of those positive and some negative. Mainly we would want to look at the way we interacted with the spider or spiders to figure out what message our subconscious is sending us.

When we dream of spiders we need to look at the dream as a whole and take into consideration what in our waking life may apply to the meanings of the dream. Further down this article you’ll find scenarios around killing a spider in a dream, and the specific meanings.

The Positive Aspects

Spiders are often seen as relating to the feminine side. In dreams they can be symbolic of power associated with the feminine; that could be of yourself or that of a dominant female figure in your life, such as a mother or partner.

Dreaming of spiders can also represent that one feels they may have the ability to protect against their own self-destruction. We often see spiders as resilient creatures that can overcome destruction and rebuild their webs. In our case, it would be the rebuilding of ourselves.

The Negative Aspects

A spider could also represent that you may feel you are an outsider in a situation in your life. Spiders tend to not be seen by most people in a positive light and are shunned.

It could also indicate that you are in desperate need of some distance from others of your own kind. Spiders are solitary creatures and we may be feeling that, like them, we would like distance from our own kind

Dreaming of spiders may also indicate you feel that you may be experiencing or about to experience bad luck or some unfortunate event. Often spiders are killed in waking life when found by someone; we could be associating this action in relation to our dream. That maybe we experience some catastrophe or are currently experiencing one.

Since spiders are often seen as representing the dominant feminine figure, a dream of one could also be a representation of some dominant feminine figure in our lives. Such as an overbearing mother or perhaps a partner that may feel too controlling.

killing a spider dream

How Do These Relate When Killing a Spider in a Dream?

With all of that the case, to dream about killing a spider could be any combination of the aspects mentioned above. This is heavily dependent on your waking life and what situations or obstacles you may be faced with in your day-to-day life.

For example, if we have an overbearing mother in our waking life and we dream of killing a spider, it could be representative of how we feel we are busy taking back our control or planning to.

Again, it’s depends heavily on your own life and what’s happening in it. Below are dream scenarios where a spider is killed. These scenarios allow us to be more specific in our analysis.

Other Possible Dreams About Killing A SPIDER & What They Could Mean

Below we a look at some of the scenarios mentioned above and how they relate to dreams about killing a spider. These are the commonly associated meanings with these scenarios and how these dreams are usually analysed.

How you kill a spider or see one being killed has different meanings. While some meanings may be positive, keep in mind that some may not be.

An Animal Kills a Spider

If you dream that you saw a spider being killed by another creature, especially a feline, you may be feeling in your waking life that you have a form of feminine seduction present.

This could be representative of yourself and symbolic of self-confidence in your own body. This is a good thing. When we feel good about ourselves we tend to manage the struggles of life easier. You can use this as energy to continue beating any other obstacles you may be facing.

Alternatively, it could represent someone else’s seduction. Maybe you feel you are being seduced by some female figure in your life? Either you may feel this is something you are happy with or it may be that you feel this is something you are being warned against.

The fact the spider was killed by another creature in your dream would be representative of your awareness, even subconsciously of this. However, it could be how your mind is attempting to tell you that you need to take action against this seduction if it is harmful to you.

Have a look at your waking life and see if there are any possible female figures you may feel this way towards. Or even perhaps people who you associate feminine energy with.

An Already Dead Spider

Seeing a spider that is already dead, especially if you feel that in your dream you killed the spider – even if you did not dream that part – is a good indicator. It often means we feel we have overcome some temptation.

This temptation could be anything, be it an urge to fall back into an addiction, to do something impulsive, or any other temptations you may feel you have in your life.

Whilst usually it represents overcoming some feminine temptation, it could also be completely unrelated to the feminine and just your subconscious telling you that you’ve done well to not fall into whatever temptation your waking life offered. The temptation may still be present, but then it could signifies that we believe we can overcome it.

Eating a Spider

When we eat a spider in our dreams and therefore kill it, this is symbolic of control. It could signify that you feel you have control over a situation and that you are not afraid of expressing yourself.

It may also indicate that you have a situation or had one in which you took leadership and confidently handled it. If the situation is still present, consider it a way that your mind is telling you that you are capable of taking the reins.

killing a spider dream

Being Bitten by a Spider

If we dream that a spider bites us it represents a conflict with a prominent female figure in our lives.

And if we kill the spider after it has bitten us, we could look at this as being symbolic of our belief that we feel we can overcome this conflict.

Think of it as a battle of wills, in the dream you eating the spider or killing a spider shows that your subconscious feels you can overcome the conflict that is present. It may be that the conflict is already resolved as well and that your mind is telling you that you’ve resolved this conflict and can rest easy now. This shows that you are unafraid and refused to back down.

It speaks of resilience, strength, and a belief in oneself. Even if the conscious mind does not feel those things, this may be your subconscious telling you that those things are present. You have an iron core and you just need to access it and believe in your own ability.

Spider Killing Dreams: What Are They Trying To Us?

To dream of killing a spider is often a good thing. It is our subconscious telling us we can handle what is being thrown at us or that we have already handled it. If it’s already been handled think of it as your subconscious telling you “I’m proud of you, well done”.

If it’s not yet handled think of it as that inner voice that only comes out in dreams saying “We’ve got this. I believe that you have what it takes to overcome whatever comes your way. I need you to believe in yourself as well”.

Other Spider Dream Scenarios

There are many other scenarios with spiders that we can dream of, but below are just a few common ones.

Baby Spiders

Dreaming of baby spiders may show us how we may be feeling about a new relationship. While often it refers to a partner, it can refer to any type of new relationship we may have entered.

Depending on how you feel upon seeing the baby spiders, you may relate this to how this new relationship is making you feel.

Is it a permanent feeling or temporary. Maybe the relationship is going through an adjustment time?

Spider Webs

Spider webs appearing in your dreams can be both a positive and negative:

Positive Aspects

Dreaming of a spider web already spun or being spun is representative of the creativity and intricacy we often associate with spider webs. It could be one of three things:

Firstly it could be that you are feeling confident in your ability to create.

Or secondly, it could represent communication. If the web is connected and whole it could show us we feel positive about our communication with others or perhaps just one person. Should it be broken it may signify that we feel communication is breaking down.

Alternatively, it could also be a sign that we believe we will be rewarded and recognized for the efforts or work we’ve done. Perhaps that has already happened and your mind is letting you know that you’ve made it.

Negative Aspects

If you see the web and you feel strong negative emotions towards it, it could be that your mind is trying to signal to you that you may be feeling trapped, especially in regards to a relationship. However, it could refer to any aspect of your life where you may feel trapped. There could be some controlling force in your waking life influencing you and your mind is attempting to tell you that you need to break free of the web that’s been woven around you.

If you subconsciously feel you are trapped in your waking life, this is the attempt your mind is making to alert you. A person or situation may be making you feel powerless and trapped in your waking life.

This person could even be yourself if you are acting as an obstacle to your own goals or life. You could be suppressing yourself to attempt to manage a situation and thus it has led to this trapped feeling.

Multi-Coloured Spiders

In nature when we see colourful creatures like spiders we often associate it as a warning that this creature could be potentially deadly.

Dreaming of a colourful spider is the mind’s way of warning us that there may be a situation we should avoid to protect ourselves. If this is the case it is up to you to decide whether it would be beneficial or not to do so.

Spiders Climbing Your Walls

When we dream of spiders in our homes and we see them climbing our walls it could have either a positive or negative meaning. Depending on how you feel in the dream.

If you feel no negative feelings towards the spider climbing up the walls in your home it could show that you believe your desires or goals may soon be realized. Should you feel the opposite it may mean you believe your goals are perhaps out of reach or you may fail at them.

So What Does it All Mean?

So to end this, even though spiders are often seen as pests to get rid of, dreaming of one or many could be a positive indicator. Especially when the dream involves killing the spider, we can look at this as a good sign in most cases. It may give us insight into the belief we have in ourselves subconsciously.