Here’s How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them: Foolproof Tips That Will Help

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Sleeping is an activity that many people look forward to. Not only is it an enjoyable experience, but it also helps to replenish you and lets your body rest, heal and reset. Unfortunately, many things can prevent you from having this blissful experience. One of which is loud snoring from the person next to you!

And this sometimes seems particularly unfair because while the snorer gets to enjoy all the perks that come with having a deep, sound sleep, you’re right there tossing around, unable to sleep because of all the noise.

At some point, you may even have to change your sleeping location to a potentially less comfortable place, just to try and get some shut-eye.

But what if we told you this could be a thing of the past? That you don’t have to keep staying awake or changing locations because of someone else’s snoring. And the best part? You might not even need to wake the person up – after all, they may be keeping you awake, but you don’t want to wake them and keep them from enjoying their much-needed sleep too

Whatever your reason, the tips in this article will help you find the perfect solution to stop someone from snoring without waking them up. Then you can enjoy your own rejuvenating sleep in peace and quiet.


  1. But First: What Is Snoring?
  2. Some Side Effects Snoring Can Cause In A Relationship
  3. How to Stop Someone From Snoring Without Waking Them: The Answers You Need
  4. Things That Can Be Done Before Bed To Stop Snoring
  5. How To Sleep When Someone Is Snoring
  6. Our Final Thoughts

But First: What Is Snoring?

Snoring is the action of breathing during sleep where harsh, snorting noises are caused by the vibration of the soft palate. Snoring usually occurs when air flows past the relaxed tissues in the throat.

Almost 50% of adult men and about 40% of adult women occasionally snore, so snoring is a pretty common occurrence. This, however, doesn’t mean people around them do not find it frustrating or annoying.

The risk factor for snoring is more prevalent in men, overweight people, and people suffering from a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea.

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Some Side Effects Snoring Can Cause in a Relationship

1. Resentment

Snoring can make partners resent each other, especially if one has to change long-favoured sleep patterns or habits.

2. Tiredness

You may always wake up tired because you find it difficult to stay asleep during the night.

3. Breakdown Of A Relationship

Snoring can lead to a relationship breakdown if the partners can’t see eye-to-eye.

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How to Stop Someone From Snoring Without Waking Them: The Answers You Need

When you sleep next to someone that snores, it can be quite a frustrating ordeal for both you and that person.

Even though you don’t want to embarrass them by waking them up, you also need to get your own rest.

You might have checked out some tips on how to stop someone from snoring. Still, those may still require you to wake the person up.

But if you are looking for specific tips on how to stop your partner, children, colleague or anyone else from snoring without having to wake them up, try out some of these helpful strategies below.

1. Change Their Sleeping Position

This is one of the best and simplest ways to stop someone from snoring without having to wake them up.

Sleeping in particular positions like on one’s back obstructs breathing and puts that person at a higher risk of snoring.

Snoring occurs when the base of the tongue partially obstructs the airway. Changing the sleeping position of the snorer from the back to their side can move the tongue out of the way and cause the person to stop snoring.

Changing the person’s sleeping position from their back to their side can be a tricky business though – especially if the person is a light sleeper. But with care, finesse and a little bit of luck, you can pull it off without waking them up. And if you end up doing it regularly, they will start getting used to the motion in their sleep anyway.

2. Remove Allergens

If the snorer is allergic to some substances, it could make breathing difficult for them, and this might cause them to snore. Furthermore, allergies can reduce the airflow through the nose, which forces the person to breathe through their mouth. And a person breathing through their mouth is more likely to snore.

So, if you notice that there are allergens that the person is sensitive to, you can remove them from the environment so as to reduce their snores.

3. Give Them A Pillow

By getting the person to hug a pillow, you can ensure that the person sleeps on their side throughout the duration of their sleep.

You can also prop a pillow up against their back to ensure they don’t deviate from that particular sleeping position for as long as possible.

If it’s a kid, you can give them their favorite teddy bear to hug while supporting their back with a pillow.

Although it seems simple, giving the snorer a pillow during the night is one of the best ways to stop someone from snoring without waking them.

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4. Use An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

There are varieties of dental devices that can be used to ease snoring. A popular and non-invasive one is the anti-snoring mouthpiece, also known as a mouth guard.

This mouthpiece is designed mainly to reduce snoring without making the snorer uncomfortable. People that snore can find relief using the anti-snoring mouthpiece to minimize their snoring.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are of 2 varieties:

Mandibular advancement devices, which are commonly known as MADs, are a well-known type of anti-snoring mouthpiece which are molded to fit inside the mouth. By using this anti-snoring mouthpiece, the lower jaw is pushed forward, causing the airway to open. This simple jaw realignment can go a long way in minimizing snoring.

There are also tongue retaining devices (TRDs). This anti-snoring mouthpiece also fits inside the teeth like MADs. However, instead of realigning the lower jaw, this mouthpiece grips the tongue softly and prevents it from falling into the back of the throat, thus stopping one of the most common causes of snoring for back sleepers.

You can fix these mouthpieces on them before they go to bed so that you won’t have to wake them up if they start snoring. Even though anti-snoring mouthpieces are generally considered safe, you must consult with your doctor before trying them out.

5. Turn On The Humidifier

This is perhaps the best method of stopping a person from snoring without waking them up, because this method is beneficial for all the parties involved.

Breathing in dry air is another primary source of snoring. In addition, it can lead to concerns like nasal congestion, commonly known as a stuffy nose, which can, in turn, make breathing harder.

By breathing in dry air, the tissues in the nose and throat will become irritated, as there isn’t enough moisture present that can soften the air passage. This irritation caused by breathing in bad air can worsen a person’s snoring. Hence the need for a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air.

A humidifier is an electrical device used to elevate the air’s humidity (water vapor). This is a great device that can help with snoring. There are various sizes and types of humidifiers, but the portable ones are the most effective and are very convenient in minimizing snoring.

Lack of moisture in the air can cause snoring, but turning on the humidifier in the room at night can help provide the needed moisture in the air. The dust-free air provided by the humidifier will also help them to sleep better and more consciously.

However, this method is mainly helpful when the snoring is caused by breathing in dry air. So depending on the situation, it may not be the best way to stop someone from snoring without waking them.

Things That Can be Done Before Bed to Stop Snoring

1. Avoiding Alcohol

Most people are not aware that drinking alcohol can cause snoring. In fact frinking alcohol at night will cause the muscles in the airway to relax, which is very likely to make a person snore.

Additionally, drinking alcohol drastically decreases the moisture in your mouth, which will make a person more prone to snoring.

So if you see your sleep partner drinking alcohol before bed, you would do well to caution them to reduce their intake.

2. Losing Weight

An overweight person is more likely to snore than a person who isn’t. That’s because being overweight means the person is at a higher risk of having excess fat around the neck, which will affect their airways and increase the risk of snoring.

Losing some fat will make them less likely to snore. If they are someone you can influence, you should encourage them to start their weight loss journey, engage in exercise and indulge less in calorie-rich food. You can also advise them to consult a nutritionist or a doctor for help.

3. Staying Well Hydrated

Staying hydrated will help reduce the secretions in the nose that may lead to snoring.

You can help your sleep partner or colleague reduce snoring by reminding and helping them to stay hydrated.

How to Sleep When SomEone is Snoring

Getting enough sleep is good for the body and also essential for health and well-being.

But having a snoring sleep partner might put a hindrance to that, and even though there are many anti-snoring devices, finding the right solution or device might be an Herculean task. And even after finding the right solution, it still might not stop your partner’s snoring permanently.

Snoring can actually cause major strains in a relationship. Even if the relationship manages to stay intact, snoring can still play a hugely disruptive role.

Most people might think that the snorer is actually the person that suffers. But what about the person that has to wake up constantly in the night just because of their partner’s loud snoring?

If you are someone that sleeps next to a loud snorer, here are some tips that can help you sleep through your partner’s snoring without having to disrupt their sleep.

1. Wear Earplugs

Stuffing your ears to keep out snoring is one of the quickest and easiest solutions out there. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of ear plugs for you, depending on your choice and on your need.

For example, you can easily get noise-reducing ear plugs designed for people that spend time in a noisy environment.

You can also slip on a noise-cancelling headphone if you don’t really like the feeling of ear plugs inserted into your ear.

2. Have A Different Sleep Schedule

If you have a snorer as a sleeping partner, you can simply go to bed much earlier than they do.

By going to bed much earlier, you can easily get plenty of time to rest and fall asleep before your partner joins you in bed. Of course, this is more effective if you tend to stay asleep once you go to bed first.

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3. Turn On A White Noise Machine

White noise is a kind of background noise like television static, sound of a waterfall, or the sound of ocean waves crashing. The soft and consistent sound generated by a white noise machine is soothing to listen to, and if you focus on the droning, it can distract you from the snoring.

There are various types of white noise machines, and if you don’t want to spend the extra money to get a white noise machine, you can easily download a white noise app on your smartphone.

4. Sleep In A Different Room

When you have tried all other alternatives, and none seem to work out, it might be necessary to take a drastic course of action by sleeping in a different room.

But sleeping in separate rooms should be considered only on the worst nights or when you have an important thing to do the next day that requires you to be 100 percent alert.

Sleeping in separate rooms to get some decent sleep is not bad once you get used to it. While it’s not desirable, it can help you get relief, but this should only be considered a last option as it may not be healthy and ideal for a relationship.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Without Waking Them: Our Final Thoughts

Many might consider snoring minor and overlook it, but you shouldn’t suffer in silence. There are different strategies and solutions that you can learn to manage the condition. As well as several ways to stop someone from snoring without waking them up. Check them out and find the one that works best for you.

Approaching your partner from the angle of wanting to help them, instead of criticizing them, can help greatly in finding a solution that works for both of you too.