Eating a Fat Bomb Before Bed: What to Expect & The Impact on Your Sleep

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If you follow a keto diet, chances are that you know what a fat bomb is. Fat bombs have become very popular amongst people of all ages and diets, not only because of the delicious and mouthwatering ingredients used in making them but also because of their proposed health benefits.

While there are lots of proposed benefits of eating fat bombs when on a keto diet, there isn’t much about what time is the best to eat them or whether it is healthy to eat a fat bomb before bed.

This article will answer those questions and more. As well as show you the possible benefits and downsides of eating fat bombs in the evening.

But before we delve into all that, let us take a look at what fat bombs really are.

Disclaimer: You must always consult your doctor before including a new supplement or food into your daily routine as only your doctor can explain any pros or cons that are specific to you. Some supplements & foods may interfere with medications and/or cause allergic reactions. Diaz

What Exactly Are Fat Bombs?

Fat bombs are tasty or savory keto snacks made from ketogenic ingredients. Essentially they are snack balls with high-fat content. However, they are usually made from plant fat sources like dates, coconut oil, nuts, etc.

Natural sweeteners or flavorings like monk fruit, butter and cheese are also added to give it a sweet and savory taste. Artificial sweeteners like stevia might also be added.

Fat bombs are usually eaten by people following keto diets in an attempt to fill their craving for sweet or tasty junk. They serve as a healthy, nourishing, and wholesome alternative. They also serve as energy bites, but instead of carbs and protein it is fat that serves as the energy source.

Now that you know what fat bombs are, what are the possible effects they would have on your health when eating a fat bomb before bed?

Eating a Fat Bomb Before Bed: Eight Possible Effects

Just as the name implies, fat bombs are high in fat content. Due to that, we can draw out a number of possible effects that you can expect when eating a fat bomb before bed.

1. Reduction in Hunger Pangs

Due to their high-fat content, fat bombs are filling and tasty snacks. Eating a few of them before bed is a sure way to reduce any hunger pangs that might surface during sleep.

This is one of the reasons why many keto diet plans recommend fat bombs. That way, when you sleep, you won’t have to wake up because of hunger pangs.

Any cravings that might want to come up at night can instead be satisfied by eating fat bombs before bed.

 2. Increase in Calorie Content

It is somewhat ironic that although fat bombs are used in keto diets in order to satisfy sweet cravings in a somewhat healthy manner, they can also be the cause of weight gain.

Fat bombs are fat-rich, although many people argue that it is fat from an healthy source, the fact remains that it is fat. And fat is synonymous with weight gain.

Eating an high amount of fat bombs will definitely lead to the accumulation of fat and calories which will eventually lead to weight gain.

This is especially because when you eat a fat bomb before bed, you might not have the chance to work them off, leading to an accumulation of fat and calories.

 3. Causes Sugar Spike

Fat bombs are made from ingredients with high sugar and calorie contents. Whilst this is good for people with low blood sugar – as it can help elevate their blood sugar to an healthy level – if your blood sugar is already at an optimal level, then eating fat bombs before bed may be a bad idea.

An abnormally high sugar level will lead to several symptoms like hyperactivity, constant urination, and others that might keep you up throughout the night.

4. Disruption of the Body’s Circadian Rhythm

As the body prepares to sleep, the circadian rhythm prepares for it by lowering the body’s temperature.

However, high-fat meals like fat bombs disrupt this cycle and make it harder for the body to fall asleep.

5. May Cause Diarrhea

Many fat bombs require a fat base, and most times, coconut oil is used. Coconut has a high-fat content and can also serve as a laxative.

When taken in a high amount, coconut oil can cause diarrhea, which will not cause a night of deep and restorative sleep!

6. Feeling of Heaviness

Most fat bombs make use of fatty and oily ingredients. These ingredients cause feelings of heaviness which can make sleeping difficult.

7. Increase in Ketone Content

The primary ingredients in fat bombs are sources of ketones, hence the reason they are usually regarded as keto snacks.

When taken before bedtime, fat bombs provide the body with a higher amount of ketone. It also makes it possible for the ketones to properly work as the body will be at rest during this time.

8. May Help in Inducing Sleep

Coconut oil is an MCT, and it has a high content of lauric acid which has been proven to help improve sleep quality.

However, this property of coconut oil is linked to the virgin variety. Therefore, if the fat base for your fat bomb is coconut oil, taking it before bed might help improve your sleep.

Health Benefits Of Eating Fat Bombs

The plethora of ingredients in fat bombs makes it a storehouse for many health benefits.

Some of them are listed below:

1. Appetite Suppressant

Fat bombs are usually made with fruits and nuts which contain a lot of fiber. These can cause you to feel fuller for a longer period of time, thereby suppressing your appetite and possibly leading to weight loss.

2. May Prevent Heart Disease

The high-fat dairy ingredients present in many fat bombs contain a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA plays an important role in reducing fat deposits, which can in turn prevent stress on the cardiovascular system.

Also, taking CLA in one case was seen as more effective at reducing high blood pressure when compared to using ramipril, a drug which is used for treating high blood pressure.

3. May Assist in Weight Loss

MCT oils like coconut oil have been proven to aid in weight loss. Not only do they act as an appetite suppressant, but they also speed up the metabolic processes thereby increasing the rate at which calories are burnt off.

4. Great Source of Energy

Due to their high-fat content, fat bombs are great sources of energy. Want to get involved in some high-intensity exercise? Pop a fat bomb into your mouth to get an incredible energy boost.

5. May be Effective for Preventing Seizures

There have been several reports online that fat bombs may be effective in reducing seizures. However there isn’t much research to validate these claims.

Some scientists believe this claim might be true though. Glucose fuels the brain cells and can cause seizures. Keto meals or snacks like fat bombs aim to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates in the body, and therefore reduce glucose, using fat as an alternative.

This might be why fat bombs are believed to be effective in reducing seizures.

6. Great for Skin Health

Our skin needs fat to retain moisture and stay healthy. The coconut oil used in many fat bombs is particularly effective for keeping the skin moisturized as well as preventing infections and allergies.

7. Great for Hair

Some studies also claim coconut oil and meals rich in fat are great for hair as they penetrate deeply into the strands and give them moisture and strength to avoid breaking.

Side Effects Of Eating a Fat Bomb Before Bed

There are various side effects one can associate with eating fat bombs. However, most of these side effects are usually a result of eating an excessive amount.

Some side effects include:

  • Weight gain/obesity
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Increase in blood cholesterol level
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue