The Meaning of Kitten Dreams: The Child Within Us Reaching Out

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Kittens, while related to dreams about other felines, have their own unique meanings in our dreams. These meanings tend to relate to how we see them in our waking lives and what happens to them in our dreams can be looked at as a possible direct reflection of how we feel these aspects are being targeted in our waking lives.

Mainly kittens represent innocence or a sense of purity. In some cases, they also represent exploration, as they tend to be curious about the world around them.

Whilst in some cases the meaning of a dream abut kittens can be symbolic of our own children if we have any, or a child we care for deeply.

We explore all of that in-depth, and more, right here.


  1. The Meaning of Dreams About Kittens
  2. Kittens and Cats: Felines in Our Dreams
  3. The Things That Happens to Kittens in Our Dreams & There Meanings
  4. Where We Find Kittens in Our Dreams & What That Means
  5. Kittens & Water: How They Relate
  6. How Kittens Represent the Self
  7. Conclusion: Dreams About Kittens & What They Reveal
dreams about kittens meaning

The Meaning of Dreams About Kittens

When we dream about kittens we can look at them as representations of the self or those who fall along the lines of what we perceive as innocent.

We can also look at these dreams as a representation of how we may feel about our current waking lives.

1. Innocence & Influences On It

Whilst kittens are thought of in terms of innocence, as we do with most other young creatures, we need to see this through the lens of what innocence means concerning the kitten.

When we see kittens in our dreams it is often related to how we feel about our own inner self or a child in our lives. Usually, it is representative of a sense of innocence. This may be innocence in a broad term referring to the whole self, a single or a few parts of the self, or as mentioned it could be related to a child in our lives.

2. Expression in Relationships

Kittens are also often seen as very expressive creatures. They tend to have a way of showing off every new trick they learned with a bit of extra flair added. 

So we can look at the meaning of dreams about kittens as relating to how we express ourselves in our waking lives as well. Most often this expression relates back to a more personal relationship we may have with another in our lives. 

Depending on the rest of the details of such a dream we could look at this as meaning either we feel comfortable expressing ourselves with this person or we may believe that we cannot express ourselves with this person.

3. Rescuing & Related

In the case of dreaming about a kitten or kittens, we can also look at dreams about rescuing them. When we dream of rescuing someone or something, it usually means that we feel a need to save some aspect of ourselves that may be ignored or in need of help. 

So when we look at what kittens may mean in dreams, this aspect could be referring to our innocence or that of another. It may be that we feel in our waking lives that we have to save this part or person to protect them. In a way, we can look at this as our mind’s way of crying for help to save a part of our waking lives that feels neglected or in danger. 

Kittens and Cats: Felines in Our Dreams

When we analyse the meaning around dreams about kittens, we need to also remember that they remain felines, and in some cases, the meaning of dreams about kittens may actually relate to the meanings of other feline dreams.

1. Felines in Dreams Meaning

While in most cases felines tend to represent the feminine aspects of life or feminine figures, that does not necessarily mean that our dream is related to those. However, it is a good idea to keep this in mind when we have any dreams about felines and consider if it may apply to a person or ourselves in our waking lives.

Feminine aspects do not necessarily mean one has to be female, but rather refer to traits we commonly associate with the feminine.

2. How Cats Relate to Kittens in Dreams

Another aspect to look at when we dream of kittens is cats. If there is a fully grown cat present or if we dream of a kitten growing up into being a cat.

Knowing that cats represent the feminine most often now, we will look at what it means should a kitten grow up in our dreams. We can look at these types of dreams in line with dreams of transformation in a sense.

In a way, a dream of a kitten growing into a cat could be symbolic of a belief we may have that we are letting go of our innocence and allowing it to transform into something more. We can look at it as our mind expressing a transformation it may feel we are experiencing in our waking lives related to our personal lives or internal outlooks.

dreams about kittens meaning

The Things That Happens to Kittens in Our Dreams & There Meanings

1. Seeing a Kitten

If we dream of seeing a kitten in our dreams, it tends to represent moving towards independence. It may be that we have felt we were innocent or naive perhaps, but that now we may be ready to move on and find our feet. 

2. Rescuing a Kitten

Although in a dream there are many ways we can rescue a kitten, when we take this at its most basic form we can look at what rescuing a kitten actually signifies.

In a dream where we rescue a kitten, we could take the meaning of such a dream to relate to how we feel about an aspect of ourselves and how we may feel it needs to be saved. 

However, we would need to look at what else happens in the dream for a more in-depth analysis. 

3. A Playful Kitten

If in our dreams we see kittens playing we can normally see this as a symbol of a playful nature we may have within ourselves or see in others. These others are usually children we care about.

We can therefore look at the meaning of these dreams about kittens at possibly meaning that we are indulging in our childlike nature, allowing ourselves to express innocence and a playful side. Alternatively, it could mean we feel we are seeing these aspects expressed in a child we may care about.

dreams about kittens meaning

4. Kitten Transformation

We can at times have dreams about kittens transforming. One such scenario is a kitten growing into a cat. 

While other scenarios may lean more towards a kitten turning into another animal or even an object. In such a case we need to look at our association with the animal or object in relation to the kitten. 

It represents a transitional phase from what the kitten symbolises into what the final transformation ends up being. 

5. A Kitten Hunting

While kittens usually cannot hunt for themselves, they do tend to practise hunting from an early age and in our dreams, we may dream of them doing this.

These types of dreams where we see an animal hunting tend to vary in meaning depending on the animal doing the hunting. In the case of a kitten hunting in our dreams, we could look at it as indicative that our mind may feel we are learning or slowly achieving some form of independence. 

6. An Abused Kitten

Seeing a kitten abused in our dreams can be extremely distressing. The meaning of dreams about kittens such as these usually represents how we feel someone may be treating the aspect of ourselves that kittens represent.

Or it could relate back to how we may feel about a child we care about. Perhaps we may be feeling in our waking lives that someone is not treating a certain child as we feel they should.

7. A Near-Death Experience For a Kitten

If we dream of a kitten having a near-death experience, we may also feel distressed. However in this case it tends to have a positive connotation. 

If the kitten survived, it may be that we feel we saved or were saved from losing a part of ourselves. Especially when it comes to a feeling of innocence.

8. A Kitten That’s Starving or Hungry

Hunger in dreams usually symbolises a need for fulfilment in an area within our lives. When we dream about kittens experiencing hunger or starvation this may mean that we may feel unfulfilled in our waking lives.

This unfulfillment would normally stem from emotions and associations we have towards our own innocence, purity, expression or exploration. The intensity of the hunger could be seen as the intensity with which we feel this need is unfulfilled.

9. The Death of a Kitten

A dream that a kitten has passed on could refer to one of two things. 

Firstly it could symbolise that we may feel we have lost that kitten aspect of ourselves permanently. In some cases this can be a good thing, it depends on where we stand in our waking lives, but in other cases, this could be the way your mind grieves that loss.

Secondly, it could also refer to a feeling of loss about our ability to find our independence. It may be that we feel in our waking lives we are being stopped from gaining independence or growth. As with the kitten having lost the opportunity in our dreams, our minds may associate such a dream with the loss we may feel we have experienced in our waking lives.

dreams about kittens meaning

Where We Find Kittens in Our Dreams & What That Means

We also need to look at where we came across kittens in our dreams and tie that in with the rest of our dream to come to an understanding of what it may mean.

1. In Water

Water in dreams tends to represent our emotional state, so finding kittens in water could refer to how we may be feeling in our waking lives regarding the aspects that kittens represent of ourselves.

In a sense, it is a more in-depth view of what our emotional state could be when it comes to the associations we have with kittens.

2. In Rubble

In dreams, rubble can often be seen as something unwanted, just as within our waking lives. Alternatively, it could also refer to a sense of things falling apart. 

To see kittens in rubble in our dreams could possibly indicate that we feel a side of ourselves, or a child we care for, may be unwanted by ourselves or others. 

We could also look at it as a possible meaning relating to how we feel about a waking life situation where the self may be feeling like it is falling apart due to some destruction of our more childlike natures

3. In a Barn

A barn in our dreams often symbolises things that we may feel are being kept suppressed. 

So a dream where we find kittens in a barn could mean that we feel we, or another we care about, is having their more positive nature suppressed. In this case, the suppression may be subconscious; it may be self-inflicted or caused by another.

4. In a Nest

A nest of any kind in dreams can be related back to a meaning of safety and home. However the condition of the nest is relevant to assessing what a dream about finding kittens in a nest may mean. 

Kittens and Water: How They Relate

Dreaming of water as we now know refers to our emotional state. So what happens to kittens we find in water can give us a more in-depth view.

Below we will be discussing more about kittens and water in dreams:

1. When Kittens are Drowning

When a dream involves drowning kittens it could mean a variety of things. These normally involve aspects of what we associate kittens in dreams with.

On the one hand, it could signify feeling overwhelmed emotionally, either by these aspects themselves or by being forced to repress them. 

When it comes to repression, such a dream could also refer to memories we may have buried related to these aspects of ourselves and how they may be feeling like they are coming back into our lives in a negative way.

2. When Kittens are Playing in Water

A dream about kittens playing in water could be considered the opposite of a dream about kittens drowning. 

Usually, such a dream represents that we feel comfortable expressing the more childlike aspects of ourselves and perhaps even accepted by others in expressing these aspects.

It may also symbolise recalling old memories, but with fondness. However, we need to also look at how we feel about the kittens playing in the water. If it makes us feel wary or anxious, it may be that we feel we cannot fully express ourselves or allow these memories in. 

Consider if the fear is worth it in your waking life, or if it’s fine to allow the expression to flow out into your world.

How Kittens Represent the Self

Saving Kittens and How They Relate to the Self

As with any dream where we rescue another living being, we can look at these dreams as indicative of ourselves. We may be feeling we need to save some aspect of ourselves or someone we care about.

Considering what we now know about kittens, it may be that we feel we need to save these parts of ourselves or another.

The Symbolism of Kittens With Children We Care About

While it would be easier if the mind just used direct imagery to give us the message from our subconscious, it usually has a tendency to take the more creative route.

With kittens and their representations in dreams, we could say that they symbolise a childlike state or how we view children. Therefore for some, especially those who may have a child they are worried about, a dream involving kittens could be a representation of that childlike state or an actual child.

Conclusion: Dreams About Kittens & What They Reveal

While the meaning of dreams about kittens can be either good or bad, what it usually comes down to is a childlike state. In them, we can normally see how we feel about our innocence, pureness, expression and explorative sides.

Or, we could look at them as being an odd way for the mind to represent how we feel about a child in our lives we may care for deeply, even if they aren’t our own.