Why Do We Have Dreams About Crystals? Here’s the Meanings & Interpretations You Need

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Dreams about crystals can come in a few variations, but they most often represent a metaphor for a sense of completion in regards to our own selves and our waking lives. Often they also speak of what we would call our higher selves – more on that later.

While these enchanting rocks can be flawed at times, they seem to have a magical way of drawing our gaze to them and within them. So it is with dreams as well, as often dreams about crystals are symbolic of the very same things we associate crystals with in our waking lives.

Yet while there are common association with crystals as we detail below, as with all situations, the individual experience affects the outcome of any dream interpretation as well. Should your experiences differ or deviate from the norm, simply adjust for that when you look at what your dream may mean.

Below we will be looking at what dreams about crystals may be attempting to tell us. We hope it helps you decide what your crystal dream may have meant.


  1. The Meaning of Crystals & Why We See Them
  2. What Is the Higher Self & How Does it Relate to Crystals in Dreams
  3. How Do Dreams About Crystals Relate to Development
  4. What it Means When We Dream of Turning Into Crystal
  5. Other Dreams in Which Crystals May Be Present
  6. Dreams About Crystals: Our Final Thoughts

The Meaning of Crystals & Why We See Them

In a dream where we see crystals, or even become them ourselves, there can be a few reasons for this dream appearing.

Firstly we need to look at what crystals mean to us in our waking life. Commonly they are associated with a sense of beauty, perhaps completion or something that may feel other worldly. Even when a crystal is damaged, we tend to not be able to help ourselves, but be fascinated by these aspects of it.

So when we see crystals in dreams it is often a way our psyche is attempting to tell us more about our own beauty. Not beauty of the physical superficial kind, but rather that of our inner beauty.

The Inner Development

A dream about crystals could be a way that our minds are trying to connect us to the completion of ourselves. That we may have finally healed or started healing and that we may now be finding a unity or wholeness within ourselves.

So in a sense, a dream about crystals speaks of what we see as our own personal inner development. How we dream of these crystals can tell us more about ourselves and how we view this development.

Dreams about crystals

What Is the Higher Self & How Does it Relate to Crystals in Dreams

When we speak of the higher self, it could have a few meanings. These meanings are dependent on our own personal beliefs and perceptions.

Dreams about crystals could be one of our views upon something in our waking life taking shape or having found completion. It could also be a representation of our views on our own future.


Firstly we will look at those who have a religious system they feel strongly drawn to.

The higher self in this case would refer to our spiritual self and where we see our progress in that aspect of our lives. Usually when crystals are involved in dreams where spirituality and the higher self are connected it tends to lean towards feeling one has achieved some milestone in their beliefs.


Secondly, we could be non-religious, or it could be of less importance and the higher self in this case could be referring to our connection to our psyche. Be it of an emotional nature or that of logic. We may be feeling we have reached a completion with one of these aspects or perhaps both.

The Subconscious

Alternatively it could also be referring directly to our subconscious, as this is seen as the higher self by many. It could be that the flow between the conscious and subconscious mind may feel like it has reached equilibrium for us. Perhaps you feel you have reached a balance between your walls you may have erected to protect yourself. Or, you feel that you have reached a point where ego is not something you are weighed down by, but rather something you have in unity within. It could be that you feel you have found the balance between the true self and that of the ego.

Dreams about crystals

How Do Dreams About Crystals Relate to Development

We know crystals have a long process to follow which allows them to develop their unique brilliance. We know that the making of a crystal can take a very long time and be an arduous process. So it is with us when we go through any form of development.

While going through the stages of development, regardless of the aspect of that development, we are aware that it is often a harsh period of time. However, we also know the end result tends to be one of radical change, and so it is with our own developments.

In dreams of crystals we could take them to mean we are either going through this process or have already.

When we have already gone through the process it could be a dream as simple as the mind’s way of acknowledging our hard work. In some occasions it could be that we dream about crystals, because we have plans we know we will be able to accomplish to achieve the next phase of ourselves.

What it Means When We Dream of Turning Into Crystal

A dream of being crystalized or becoming crystallised could go in a few directions. While commonly it refers to the completion of the development of one’s higher self or another aspect equally as important to us, it could also mean something else entirely.

What it Could Mean

If in your dream you are crystallised or becoming crystallised and feel fear or any other undesirable emotion in response, we can think of it as being frozen in a sense.

In this dream you are trapped by the crystal, frozen within its facets and unable to escape. When this happens to be the case it could refer to a feeling of being inhibited or deprived of some part one may want to fully develop.

It could be that emotionally we are so stuck we cannot make progress and our minD is setting off the alarm for intervention in this dream.

A Negative Side

In the negative sense it could also represent that you may feel locked within yourself, due to some beliefs that may be invalid to whom you are now.

Often times these are not our own beliefs, but rather old fashioned beliefs we have taken on from others and then allowed to settle themselves into our psyche. It may be a belief that you are against, but your surroundings keep trying to embed it within your psyche.

A Positive Side

On a positive note, if you dream this type of dream it could be indicative that you have moved past the above mentioned scenarios and found a wholeness within.

It could be a representation of feeling you have found your inner beauty and strength. The crystal surrounding you not only shows who you feel you truly are, but your belief acts as a strength in a sense to protect you from the harm others may try to make you believe of yourself.

When we have a dream where being crystallised makes us feel powerful or good, we can think of it as a way that our subconscious is telling us that we know ourselves now, or will do very soon.

Dreams about crystals

Other Dreams in Which Crystals May Be Present

1. Bodies of Water Being Crystallised

In dreams, bodies of water speak of our emotional state. The size of the body of water is a reflection of the space we feel our emotional state may be taking up within our minds.

When we dream a body of water has become crystalized it could be that we are looking for stability in our emotional states. While crystal would speak of a protective barrier that is seen as a way to provide this stability.

The stability we crave could be that we feel we need it from others in our lives or perhaps ourselves. When it is ourself, think of it as a process to go through, it may be hard work, but it could be exactly what your mind feels you need.

If the water is crystalizing as you watch in your dreams, look at this as a representation of urgency. If it is a rapid process, it may be that you feel you are in dire need of emotional stability. Possibly you may be feeling that you are at breaking point if you cannot provide your emotional state with this barrier of safety.

Dreams about crystals

2. Gazing Into Crystals

In our dreams we may find ourselves gazing into a crystal or a crystal ball perhaps. These dreams are often ways of showing us how we look within ourselves.

It could be that you are looking within the crystal to a characteristic of yourself and how you relate to it. Be it one that may be in a developmental phase, already reached completion or even one that you may feel requires your attention.

We could be having this dream as a way of telling us to look within and find our true selves as well. You may be feeling you have a certain calling or fate and you want to reach it or perhaps avoid it. Gazing into a crystal within a dream could be telling you to look within to find the answer to how to achieve that end goal.

3. Gazing Into a Crystal Ball

To dream of gazing into a crystal ball could be indicative of a desire for guidance in our waking lives. Perhaps you feel lost at this point and need direction or answers to continue along your path. Are you looking for these answers from someone else or yourself? They may be within you already and you just need to dig deep for them.

When we gaze into a crystal ball in our dreams we gaze into our outlook upon our futures. Take into account how you felt looking into the crystal ball and compare this to how you feel about the future of your waking life.

Dreams about crystals

4. Crystals and Light

If you dream of a crystal or crystals and there seems to be light emanating from them this could show that you see a bright outlook for your future. That you believe there is greatness to come. The brighter the light the more firm your belief.

Alternatively this type of dream could be a representation of light being shed upon a situation in your waking life. This light may have led to you feeling like you have reached a new level of understanding.

You may be feeling you have reached enlightenment in regards to someone or something in your waking life. Be it good or bad, your mind is attempting to tell you it feels it knows the truth now. It is up to you to decide if it is the truth or the truth you choose to believe for your own comfort or protection.

Dreams about crystals

5. Objects Made From Crystal

With objects made from crystal or turning into crystal we need to look at our association with the object. It often speaks of something we do not fully understand, but a strong emotion evoked by the object can tell us more about what the dream is attempting to tell us.

The Good

If we find the object pleasing or good and we find it crystallising or crystallised we could look at this as a representation of our situation. We would need to look at our past, present and consider our future. The dream could signify that we are experiencing or need to experience insight and reflection into these aspects.

The Bad

Should it be an object you find difficulties with, especially if you have negative associations to the object, it could be indicative of a vulnerability. You may be feeling in your waking life that there’s something within you that you would rather keep private can now be seen. The clarity of the crystal would speak of how exposed you feel.

An Overview

It could also be that you feel others are able to see through you, even when you do your best to hide. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves, and even though it is a painful way to live, we are just as necessary for this world to function.

Without those who show how they feel, this world would be a dreary place. Like with everything else, those who cannot hide what they feel are the balance to the other side. Everything needs a balance or it would fall out of harmony, this includes those of us who feel too much and cannot always contain it.

Dreams about crystals

6. A Person Made From Crystal

When we see a person of crystal in our dreams it could be that we see this person as someone who could possibly be a support system we feel we need, or perhaps someone capable of guiding us through our troubles.

Alternatively, it could be that we see that person as imprisoned by the crystal which could be indicative of how we feel towards this person. This feeling would be one of coldness. Perhaps we no longer feel we want them in our lives or feel they may be cutting us from their lives.

Dreams about crystals

7. A Crystallised Person Glowing

If the person of crystal is glowing then in this case our dream may be trying to tell us we see this person in a new light, often a positive new perspective of someone in our lives.

Perhaps this is the person who might be offering you, or potentially be able to offer you, the support and stability you crave. It could also simply be that we feel we understand this person in a whole new way.

Dreams about crystals

Dreams About Crystals: Our Final Thoughts

So why dream about crystals? Well look at their facets as the facets of your own life. Your psyche has a way of trying to give you insight in cryptic ways.

Mainly crystals in dreams are deeply related to our inner selves, although they can speak of others too. We dream of them as we see them in our waking lives. They are objects of beauty and perfection, even when they are flawed.

They draw us in, luring our gaze to them and pulling our eyes to look deeper within them. So it is also for our dreams about crystals, they speak of perfection, even when flawed and tempt you to gaze into the depths of yourself.

See the faces of the crystal in your dreams and reflect upon them. Let the light shine through. You may just find what you know you need deep down, or you might be able to take a sigh of relief. Knowing you have reached your own completion for this part of your journey.