Dreaming Of A Vampire? Here’s What That Could Mean & Why It’s Important

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The idea of vampires has existed for centuries. And in recent years, pop culture has spread the tale of the vampire even further than it already was.

These creatures associated with the night can come across in our dreams as well. And dreaming of a vampire may actually have some meaning depending on the interpretation.

In this article, we will look at the immortal creature of the night and what it may mean when we begin dreaming about vampires.


  1. What It Means To See A Vampire In Our Dreams
  2. Immortality & When We Dream Of Being A Vampire
  3. Being Hunted By A Vampire
  4. Fighting A Vampire
  5. The Fangs/Teeth Of A Vampire
  6. Being Bitten By A Vampire
  7. Dreaming Of A Vampire: Our Final Thoughts

What It Means To See A Vampire In Our Dreams

The vampire commonly represents allure, but also danger, nobleness, and a primal feeling. However dreaming of a vampire also tends to be symbolic of feeling drained physically in our waking lives.

Below we will look more at what it may mean when you dream about vampires, and then the meanings around when we dream about being a vampire.

1. Seduction & Sensuality

Vampires are often seen as seductive creatures who can use their charm to lure in their prey. They tend to be associated in our dreams with this same seduction and charm.

We may find that in a dream about a vampire we may be drawn strongly to them due to this nature. To understand what that may mean, we may need to look at our waking lives and see if there is a person that may perhaps embody these aspects.

Even knowing the danger, we may find we could be weakened by their charm and seduction.

2. Fear & Death

Another way dreaming of a vampire could be interpreted, would be in regards to the sense of fear they may inspire and their associations with death. The death they may cause and how we view them as non-living.

3. The Contrast

The starkest contrast in how we tend to perceive vampires and thus associate them with certain meanings in our dreams would be that of the noble or elegant entity with a primal nature.

They can often represent someone we may know in our waking lives as a person who holds power with their charm but uses it to cause harm. Even knowing this we often find ourselves still drawn to these types of people.

Immortality & When We Dream Of Being A Vampire

To start with we will look at dreams in which we are dreaming of being a vampire, and what those dreams may mean.

While these meanings may have negative connotations to them, it does not necessarily mean we are detrimental to others. Often we see ourselves far harsher than what we may be like, and guilt for something one does not need to feel guilt for can be a powerful motivator of this feeling.

1. Draining The Energy Of Others

We may start dreaming of being a vampire due to a subconscious belief that we are a drain on others.

We may see this type of feeling in the case where we feel guilt subconsciously for receiving help or assistance from another.

It may also be that we feel we are taking advantage of another person. Whether or not this is the case we would have to look deeper at it, as it may simply be misplaced guilt and a sense of pride instead of truly misusing others.

2. The Selfish Benefits Of Using Others

Looking into dreams where we are vampires, we can also relate them to as a feeling that we may have about how we use those around us.

It may be that we feel that we are using others for our selfish benefit. Whether this is the reality of our situation or not, is something we would need to analyse for ourselves.

3. A Belief In Fearlessness

On a more positive note, when we dream of being a vampire this could also be symbolic of our belief in the self and the capabilities we perceive ourselves as having. This can manifest in a sense of fearlessness.

As vampires often represent a powerful being, we can see this carry over into our dreams at times.

4. A Reluctance To Change

Another way we can look at dreaming of being a vampire would be to relate this to how they are considered to be unchanging beings stuck in time.

This can translate over into our dreams when we find ourselves being reluctant to change or accepting of change in our lives.

Being Hunted By A Vampire

In this section, we will take a look at what it means to be hunted by a vampire in our dreams.

1. Inner Desires

We can look at dreams of being hunted by a vampire as a representation of a feeling that we are being pursued or misused to satisfy or fulfil the inner desires of another person.

It may be that we feel we are left to be on the run in our waking lives to preserve ourselves from someone we know that may not have the best of intentions towards us. Especially when it comes to a perception we may have of feeling like they may use us for their selfish wants.

However, when we are the hunter, we can look at this as possibly an expression of the subconscious wanting to pursue our inner desires. In this case, it may not necessarily be through selfish means but could refer to a more constructive and less harmful way of wanting to pursue our desires.

2. Feeling Overwhelmed

Being hunted by a vampire in our dreams can also be a representation of situations in our waking lives that may have left us feeling overwhelmed by the challenges or obstacles it has presented us with.

3. Fighting A Vampire

In our dreams of vampires, we may also find ourselves fighting them, be it in self-defence or perhaps being a vampire hunter. Below we will look at what this may mean in our dreams.

Inner Turmoil

When we dream of fighting with a vampire we can often interpret it as a symbolic representation of an internal turmoil that we may be experiencing emotionally.

This can often be due to a power struggle within ourselves or with another person that may have left us feeling drained or exhausted in our waking lives. Very often this relates to our emotional well-being and the influence upon it due to a waking life situation as described above.

We need to consider how the fight with the vampire plays out in our dreams and through this, we can see this as a way of our subconscious attempting to inform us of how we may be dealing with this turmoil.

Conflict With Self

We can also look at a fight with a vampire in our dreams as being symbolic of internal conflicts with the self.

In this case, instead of the turmoil being a result of another person’s actions, it may be that we are experiencing conflict within ourselves. We could look at this as a power struggle within the self.

As with conflict with others that can leave us emotionally drained and through this affect us physically as well, so it can also be when we are in conflict with the self.

Losing The Fight

Lastly, when it comes to dreams where we fight a vampire, we look at what it means when we are losing the fight.

We can relate this to the above-mentioned meanings in the sense that there may be uncertainty on how to deal with our emotional turmoil or inner conflict. While the mind may be alerting us to these issues or troubles we may be facing, it may also through a dream such as this be attempting to alert us that we may feel uncertain about how to deal with these situations.

This can be due to the nature of the situation, as it is related to a dream of a vampire, the waking life situation we may be faced with could often be related to a power struggle or a conflict that leaves us feeling drained, especially emotionally.

The Fangs/Teeth Of A Vampire

In dreams of vampires, we can also find that the dream focuses on the fangs or teeth of the vampire.

When we have dreams of this nature we can interpret them with the associations we have with mouths and often speech. To see fangs or have them be the main focus of a dream usually indicates that we may feel that words we have said or have been said to us may have resulted in us experiencing hurt.

It can also be seen as symbolic of perhaps regretting something we may have said to others, especially if we may feel that these words may have caused another pain.

Being Bitten By A Vampire

Below we will look at what it means to be bitten by a vampire in our dreams and where the bites may occur.

First, we will discuss the most common area we may experience being bitten by a vampire in our dreams, as well as take a look at what it means when our flesh is pierced in our dreams.

Then we will discuss what the various interpretations of a vampire bite in our dreams may mean.

1. The Neck Being Bitten

Our necks in dreams often symbolise the relationship between our mental and physical states. We can look at this as the mind in connection to the body.

When we experience an injury such as a bite to the neck in our dreams, we need to consider this relationship and how an injury in dreams we may have could be analysed.

Most often in a dream where we experience a bite to the neck, we could look at it as being a symbolic representation of how our subconscious may be viewing a separation we may perceive between the head and the heart. We can look at this as a way of our minds attempting to alert us that we may feel a disconnect between what we feel and what we think.

Alternatively, it could also be representative of our willpower and how we may feel that there is a possible injury or waning in the strength of our willpower.

2. Flesh Being Pierced

Tying in with being bitten by a vampire in our dreams, we can take a look at what it means when we experience our skin being pierced in our dreams.

Similar to what we already know of dreams of vampires and being bitten by them, we can look at the flesh being pierced by fangs in a dream in the same light. Often when we have this sort of dream it may be a manifestation of experiencing extreme stress in our waking lives and feeling drained by this.

Flesh or skin is seen as the protective barrier that keeps the internal safe from the outside world, so when we experience our skin being pierced in a dream we can look at this as our defences being breached by the stress and thus allowing the external world to possibly leave us feeling exhausted or drained.

3. What It Means When We Are Bitten

With what we now know of regarding the experience of a vampire bite in our dreams, we can now look at the meaning behind the bite itself and tie this back in with what we now know of the skin being pierced.


One of the meanings behind vampire bites in dreams is that of perhaps feeling a sense of danger in our waking lives. While this can be related to situations, rather than a specific person, we often see that it is more likely that this perception of danger relates to a specific person in our waking lives.

This can be a more prevalent dream when we may find ourselves in conflict with someone we may consider to share the aspects we associate with vampires


Being bitten in a dream by a vampire can also be symbolic of our passions or energies and the loss or decline of these aspects.

We can often see a dream such as this as possibly showing us that we may feel vulnerable due to an inability or blockage in resolving our emotional states relating to our passions or drives.


Being bitten by a vampire in our dreams may also be a way of the subconscious mind attempting to communicate to the conscious mind that we may be feeling overwhelmed by a waking life situation.

This sense of feeling overwhelmed may also tie in with feeling exhaustion, especially when our waking life situation may be draining us of the reserves we need to resolve the problem or situation we may be faced with.


Lastly, with dreams of being bitten by a vampire, we look at what it means in terms of loss. We tend to see the bite of a vampire as an action that drains us of blood. In this way, we can look at this aspect of a dream and see how it may relate to loss.

When we experience the loss of blood in a dream we can usually look at it as a representation of how we may feel about our vitality or strength. The loss of blood could be seen as the mind communicating to us that we may feel we are negatively being impacted in our health, strength, especially our willpower and through this our confidence.

Another way we can look at this type of dream in regards to loss would be to compare it to the sense that we may be losing our power in a situation or relationship in our waking lives. It may be that we feel instead of a balance, another is dominating us instead.

Dreaming Of A Vampire: Our final Thoughts

Dreaming of a vampire tends to be an intense message from our subconscious. Most often we will find we may have these dreams when situations in our waking lives have left us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and drained.

While we may find ourselves dreaming of being the vampire and believing we are the cause of these negative experiences for others, it does help to consider if this is true, or if guilt for accepting help may be warping our perceptions of our relationships with those around us.

If we are finding ourselves feeling this way, it may be best to attempt to take some rest. While we may see the immortal in our dreams, we are only mortal after all and must take into account what may be in our best interests.