Dreaming Of Maggots & What It Means: The Honest Interpretations You Need

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Dreaming of maggots can be distressing, just as it often is when we find them in our waking lives.

We tend to associate maggots with death and decay, which is something most of us naturally avoid or feel disturbed by. As it acts as a reminder of our own mortality and the mortality of those we share our lives with.

However maggots, whilst distressing to find, are an integral part of the circle of life.And in our dreams they often carry meanings that may distress us, but may also be crucial for our cycle to continue.

Whilst something may be gone, life continues in another form and the cycle keeps flowing.


  1. What It Means To See Maggots In Our Dreams
  2. Maggots, The Worm, The Fly
  3. Maggots, Decay & Death
  4. Maggots Invading The Self
  5. Maggots & Food
  6. Our Final Thoughts

What It Means To See Maggots In Our Dreams

1. The Fear Of Death

When we dream of maggots we need to look at what they represent in our waking lives.

Most commonly we associate maggots with death. And in our dreams seeing maggots could be symbolic of our own fear or anxieties relating to death.

This could be our own death or that of others. We may find we have these dreams when faced with the possibility of a sudden loss due to illness or even if we are reminded in the waking lives of our own mortality.

It could also be a more constant anxiety about the death of others or ourselves. Perhaps one that may be subconscious and is now spilling into the conscious mind through our dreams.

2. Troubles Eating Away At Us

Alternatively, we could also look at dreams of maggots in the sense of being eaten.

They can be a representation of problems or situations in our waking lives that we may feel are eating away at us in a sense.

Often these issues can be a near-constant source of anxiety as well, thus tying in further with the representation of anxiety and fear of maggots in dreams.

Maggots, The Worm, The Fly

Below we will discuss what it means when we dream of maggots transforming into flies and how we can tie our associations of maggots in with those of worms.

1. The Life Cycle Of The Maggot 

When we look at the life cycle of a maggot in our dreams, it tends to represent going through a metamorphosis in our waking lives.

Most often we find that these are inner changes that we may feel are desperately needed. We can relate these changes back to what maggots represent. It may be that we are desperate for a new cycle to start in our waking lives due to a situation we have found ourselves in that has been causing us distress.

2. The Worm

Maggots and worms are often closely associated with each other and thus we can also look at what it means to dream of a worm or worms.

Generally, we see worms in our dreams as symbolic of our weaknesses or issues with our self-esteem. We can bring this back to anxiety and troubles we may be experiencing in our waking lives.

3. The Fly

Lastly, we look at the fly. When the maggots or maggot in our dreams transform into flies.

Flies often represent irritation or annoyances one may be experiencing in one’s waking life. When we dream of a maggot transforming into a fly we could look at it as symbolic of our irritation or annoyance with the self due to our waking life circumstances or anxieties with death.

Whilst it can be difficult to do, it is sometimes best to realise we can be our own harshest critics and waste our mental energy on breaking ourselves down over the perceived faults we feel we may have. It is only human to have these thoughts.

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Maggots, Decay & Death

Now we look at where we might normally see maggots in our dreams when it is not related to the self, but rather to external subjects.

1. Decay

When we dream of seeing maggots in or on something that is decaying we can look at this as symbolic of a waking life situation we may be feeling is currently decaying.

Whilst the decaying of the situation may be distressing or causing anxiety, we also need to consider how maggots in decay can possibly represent not just the end of something, but also a form of rebirth. One situation may be ending in our waking lives, but there may be a sense that it allows us to find something new.

2. Rot

Rot usually represents a sense we may have of having wasted our potential. When we look at the maggots within the rot we can see it in two possible ways.

Firstly, we can look at it as meaning that what we may feel we have wasted in our potential is now being cleared away, so that perhaps we may feel we can start anew.

Or, alternatively, it could also represent the feeling that we may be wasting our potential due to being eaten away at by a potential situation in our waking lives.

3. Corpses

Another way we may see maggots in our dreams could be in or on a corpse.

As with rot and maggots, there can be a duality to the meaning of seeing a corpse invested with maggots as well.

Corpses in our dreams can often be seen as symbolic of a part of the self we may feel has been lost to us, in a sense has died off. This can be good or bad, depending on what the aspect may be. We can look at the maggots in this case as helping with the clearing out of this aspect. Whether or not this is a part we wish to lose of ourselves depends on each of us as individuals.

Alternatively, corpses in our dreams can also represent struggles with expressing ourselves. We may feel that we have shut down emotionally or that we are being forced to shut down emotionally by others. When we look at this with maggots in our dreams we could take it as symbolic of how this suppression or emotional shutdown may be eating away at us.

4. Animal Carcasses

Lastly, in this section, we look at what it means to see an animal carcass covered with maggots in our dreams.

As with the above mentioned, the symbolism of being eaten away at with dreams of maggots is notable here as well. Especially when we look at the meaning behind seeing an animal carcass in our dreams.

Animal carcasses in our dreams are usually representative of the emotional turmoil we may be experiencing in our waking lives. We could look at the maggots in this case as eating away at us due to a situation or the fear of death being the possible cause for the emotional turmoil we may be finding ourselves in.

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Maggots Invading The Self

Here we take a look at what it could mean when we find maggots on our own bodies in our dreams.

These types of dreams can leave one feeling unsettled after waking up and leave us with the impression that something is really on or in our bodies.

However, we can take these dreams to be looked at as a more prominent message the subconscious may be trying to communicate with the conscious mind.

1. On Our Bodies

Dreaming of maggots on or within our bodies can be symbolic of a perception we may have in our waking lives that someone may be taking advantage of us.

It may be that the actions of this person have left us feeling like we are being consumed figuratively and our mind may be attempting to warn us that we may be struggling due to the actions of this person or persons.

As individuals, we need to consider whether or not this feeling we may be experiencing is worth the potential distress we may have subconsciously.

Dreams of this nature tend to be the kind where we find ourselves covered in maggots or having them internally over a large area or the whole body, rather than a specific body part.

2. In Our Mouths

Maggots in our mouths in dreams could be seen in a few different ways. However, most prominently these types of dreams tend to relate to a sense of being unable to speak freely or feeling that one may have to lie.

While at times it is necessary to keep one’s words contained or rather have to lie in order to keep the peace, this may spill over into our dreams in the above-mentioned way. Especially when we feel strongly about what we feel we need to say.

Yes, it can be best at times to keep words to oneself, but we also need to remember not to allow others to take our voices from us. Each situation may be different however and we need to decide for ourselves whether or not we can speak our truth or can live with keeping our voices to ourselves.

3. In Our Eyes

While the eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul, when we dream of maggots in our eyes it tends to reflect on our perceptions of our external rather than internal world.

While both are connected in our waking lives, with a dream such as this we tend to look at the external factors that may be causing us difficulties in order to attempt to avoid these factors influencing our internal worlds further than they may already have.

Dreaming of maggots in our eyes could be a representation of feeling that we are blinded to a situation in our waking lives and unable to clearly see the solutions or situation itself. In a way, we can look at this as symbolic of our eyes being consumed and thus leaving us without the ability to see our situation in the figurative sense.

Another way we could interpret maggots in our eyes in dreams could be having a fear that we have or are losing our understanding of a situation. It may be that we once felt we had the knowledge to deal with a waking life situation, but due to factors beyond our control, we might now feel that we have lost that ability to understand and work through the situation.

4. On Our Feet

In dreams where we see our feet, it can usually represent the foundation of the self. When we dream of something happening to our feet, such as damage to them, we could look at this as perhaps feeling that our foundation is under threat.

With dreams of maggots on our feet, we need to look at what the maggots are doing.

Should we be experiencing the maggots eating away at our feet or causing us distress we can look at this as possibly indicating that we may feel the foundation of the self is under threat.

However, if we dream we are crushing the maggots underfoot, we could look at this as potentially symbolic of our belief that while our foundation of self may be under threat we may feel subconsciously that we can overcome this threat.

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Maggots & Food

Another aspect of dreams where maggots are present would be dreams of food and maggots.

Food in dreams usually represents our physical and emotional states. While there are variations in what foods we see in our dreams and their meanings, for this case we will be looking at what is most relevant to the dreams of maggots in food.

Below we will look at a few scenarios of what it means to find maggots in food In one’s dreams.

1. In Food Not Yet Eaten

Seeing maggots in food that we have not eaten yet, usually represents a feeling of our emotional and/or physical states being under threat.

We can look at this as our fuel source being consumed. Subconsciously our minds may be attempting to alert us that these states are being drained or consumed by our anxieties or other waking life troubles.

With the food not yet being eaten, we could look at this as perhaps feeling that the situation is no longer in our control and that we are perhaps feeling helpless to stop the consumption of our vital resources.

2. Food Being Eaten

Next, we look at what it means to eat food in dreams. As mentioned above, we can have varied meanings depending on the food being eaten and how we feel about the food in the dream, but for these dreams, we will look at the more general meaning of what it is to eat food in dreams.

Eating in dreams normally symbolizes the fulfilment of our wants, especially emotional wants or needs, such as love. When we eat in a dream and find maggots in the food we could look at this as meaning that we may be feeling these aspects are not being fulfilled, but perhaps being consumed or drained from us by the actions of others.

We can also look at this as potentially referring to our own behaviours that may be self-destructive and causing us to perhaps lose out on these aspects.

3. In Raw Meat

Another type of food dream with maggots we can look at would be finding them in raw meat. Perhaps we dreamt of wanting to cook some meat, only to discover maggots within the meat.

Raw meat in our dreams could refer to our raw emotions, especially of the more primal nature. It can also refer to the physical self and through that the influence the physical self may have on the psychological self.

Finding maggots in raw meat in our dreams we can look at them as a sense we may have in our waking lives that our physical selves or our more primal emotions are being neglected and through this potentially impacting the well-being of our psychological selves.

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Our Final Thoughts: What It Means To See Maggots In Our Dreams

Looking at what we now know of maggots in our dreams, maggots can often represent cycles and changes.

We may react intensely to a dream involving maggots, due to our associations with them, but they don’t necessarily carry negative meanings in our dreams. Whilst in some cases they may, we need to recall that they can also be symbolic of rebirth.

They are closely associated with death and decay, but they also can represent a new beginning.