Dreaming About Buffalo: The In-Depth Meanings You Need!

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Buffalo have been commonly found across our world, from Africa, Asia as well as in America. Each place has its own name for these majestic powerful creatures, but we tend to share a common association of what they represent.

Be it a Bison, an African Buffalo or any of the other type. This translates into our dreams as well.

Below we explore the meaning behind what a dream about a buffalo may mean, as well as delve into the sort of buffalo dreams you may be having.


  1. Buffalo, the Good, the Bad and the Neutral
  2. Common Dreams We May Have About Buffalo
  3. Some Other Dreams About Buffalo
  4. What We Can Conclude From Buffalo Dreams
Dream About Buffalo

Buffalo, the good, the bad and the neutral

When we dream of buffalo it often signifies a few aspects such as power, strength and resilience. Another aspect could also be that it is indicative of one’s willpower. In that case it a more symbolic representation of power, rather than a physical one.

However, as with most dreams, there are also negative associations and in this case neutral associations as well.

1. Power and Strength

When we dream of buffalo it could be indicative of our belief in our strength or power. That could be of a physical nature or that you are growing in confidence, and therefore able to take on more in your waking life situations.

In the event that it is of a physical nature, it could be a representation of how you feel you are becoming more fit physically. Perhaps you have started working out or just become more active? This is how your mind may be telling you that it acknowledges the progress you have made. Perhaps in your waking life, you feel you have not come far enough yet, but within you, your mind recognizes the progress you have made.

Dream About Buffalo

2. Powerlessness

Alternatively, it could also represent a time you felt powerless, and that times is being brought up by your subconcious.

Old memories can at times haunt us and it may take time to heal from them. At times we may feel it is best to wait on healing or that it may not be currently possible.

In a dream-like this our subconscious is showing us we are healing from this past trauma or event which has lingered in our minds. Just remember healing is a process, slow and steady at times, so as to not risk ripping open the wound again. Sometimes we need to take our time so we can heal.

Dream About Buffalo

3. Willpower

Such a dream also has the possibility of referring to our willpower and ability to withstand hardships. In most cases seeing a buffalo would mean one has a firm belief in one’s abilities to overcome circumstances that are obstacles.

4. Resilience

We could also say that buffalo represent resilience. In a sense survival.

Buffalo are tough creatures who can overcome their enemies; they have the ability to fight back against the predator. Thus they are seen often as being able to survive the cycle of life. In our dreams seeing them could indicate that we see this ability within ourselves as well.

Dream About Buffalo

5. Feelings of Failure

If we see a white buffalo in our dreams it would indicate a sense of good fortune with our goals and ambitions. However should these buffalo evoke a negative response within you, it may be that there are unresolved feelings. These feelings would be in regards to your goals and ambitions. It may feel like you are failing to achieve them or struggling with them in your waking life.

Many of us have a life plan for ourselves, perhaps not always heavily detailed, but most of us are aiming at something for our own lives.

A bad dream or nightmare about buffalo could be the way our subconscious is telling us we’re not succeeding with that aim in our live. Perhaps we may be feeling we haven’t stepped astray yet, but that we could be one misstep away from stepping off our desired path.

6. Morals and Values

In another sense, negative dreams of buffalo could be indicating to us that we may be feeling our moral values and ideals are being compromised.

The compromising of these aspects could be self-induced or caused by someone else. Depending on the individual dreamer’s waking life situation, one would be able to determine if one of these may be applicable.

7. Peaceful Buffalo in our Dreams

We can also see a buffalo in our dreams that have no strong reactions, good or bad to it. It just has a sense of being present. Perhaps you’re watching this creature.

In the case of a more neutral dream such as this, it may be that your mind is trying to acknowledge your heritage and the roots of where you are from. We could take this as either an acknowledgement that we are in touch with our roots or that our minds may feel we need to be.

It could also just be a reminder to remember where you came from. Perhaps recalling your roots makes you feel empowered? It could also be that recalling your roots makes you feel troubled, that you may feel some relief at having left them behind? This all depends on the individual, however.

Dream About Buffalo

8. Heritage and Roots

Buffalo carry weight in our cultural roots in dreams. And when we dream of them in a neutral setting – as we mention above – it could be highly likely that something in your waking life is reminding you of, or calling you back, to your roots. Do you answer the call or not?

That is entirely up to you.

You could be homesick in a sense, not necessarily always for a place, but perhaps even for a time or a people. It could be a deep ache you may be suppressing that is now seeping into your dreams.

Common Dreams We May Have About Buffalo

1. Injured or Killed

If we dream of seeing a buffalo being injured or perhaps killed it often shows us that our subconscious is warning us to think carefully before heading into a new situation or project.

While in our waking life our conscious mind might feel we can take on the circumstance, it may be that our inner voice is trying to tell us to think carefully and not rush into something.

It could be as simple as your mind warning you to avoid burning yourself out in the pursuit of your new venture. Perhaps you are approaching a project too fast with too much enthusiasm and missing some vital parts?

2. A Herd of Buffalo

When we see a herd of buffalo in our dreams and they are passive, we can take that as our mind’s way of telling us we feel at peace.

If the herd seems slightly unsettled, like they may be on the lookout for something it could be that you are feeling a need to belong. You may feel that you need to follow the herd in order to have a sense of belonging.

Dream About Buffalo

3. Stampeding Buffalo

It could be that you saw a herd of buffalo stampeding in your dreams. This may feel like a situation that is out of control and chaotic. It could be that it is a representation of a waking life situation where you feel there is no control and just chaos.

Alternatively, it could be a symbolic representation of your own behaviour or actions. It may be that you are reacting erratically and taking action without any form of restraint. When we see a stampede in our dreams and it represents our own selves in our waking life, we can often take it as a way of being warned that we are rushing headfirst into a situation or choice without proper consideration.

Dream About Buffalo

Some other dreams About buffalo

1. Becoming or being a Buffalo

We may also find ourselves dreaming of transforming into a buffalo or being one. In the event that this is the dream, we could look at it as a metaphor for a transformation in our waking lives.

The Positive Response and its Meaning

If the transformation is one you welcome in your dream it could be that you acknowledge the positive aspects associated with buffalo dreams with yourself.

For example, you could be feeling you have the willpower and strength to overcome adversity in your waking life. It could be that you feel you have reached these positive aspects and achieved a sense of wholeness regarding them.

The Negative Response and its Meaning

Should the transformation bother you, it may be possible that it is an indicator that you may need to work on changing one of the above-mentioned aspects of yourself.

It could also mean you feel you need to change one of those aspects, but you may not need to in reality. This is up to you to figure out. Do you need to change an aspect of yourself or do you wrongly believe you need to due to your surroundings?

Transformation in our Dreams

Transformation dreams are often ones where we are experiencing or expecting major changes in our waking lives. These changes could be welcomed or they could be ones that terrify us.

If however, you dream of transforming into a buffalo, it is a signal from your subconscious that it feels you have the strength to overcome this change, even if you need to adjust some aspect or aspects of yourself.

Dream About Buffalo

2. Hunting Buffalo

Another way we can dream of buffalo is of us hunting them. If that’s the case consider how you felt about the hunt.

Were you excited? This could be your mind telling you it feels you may need to pursue some inner yearning or wish. Perhaps you are already in pursuit of it. The question, however, would be is this a pursuit that’s worth it, one that will bring you joy or one that may lead to ruin?

If you are angered while hunting buffalo it could be that your subconscious is attempting to remind you to keep your temper in check. It may be that you are quick to anger and this has started affecting your waking life. An unchecked temper can wreak havoc upon our family lives, social lives, careers and even our own well-being. This could be physical or verbal anger

Is the rage truly worth the damage it leaves behind?

What we can conclude from Dreaming About Buffalo

Buffalo dreams can leave tracks behind in our minds leaving us wondering about their meaning. While we showed above some of the common scenarios and meanings, you as the individual may have a different association with these imposing creatures.

Buffalo tend to speak to us of strength, power and resilience. There is a magnificence to these creatures that we feel in our dreams too, we can dream of them and find ourselves comparing characteristics.

They can tell us about our roots and the need to return to them. Or, they can tell us that we have come far from where we started and we have the ability to go further. But the main thing is dreams about buffalo are trying to tell us something, and it’s up to us to work out what that is.