Did You Dream of A Missed Flight? Here’s The Interpretation That You Need!

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Dreams about flight are among the more common types of dreams we can experience. In this article, we will be looking at dreams about flight, but with a twist. We will be delving specifically into what it means to dream of a missed flight and how this could tie in with our subconscious beliefs regarding ourselves.

A brief overview of these types of dreams and their meanings tends to often be related to experiencing a difficult period in our lives, usually one connected to a transitional phase.

On the other hand, it could also be symbolic of how we may be feeling a disconnect from some aspect of our lives.

Below we will look at these types of dreams in more depth, and then discuss scenarios that may appear in a dream of a missed flight.


  1. Missing a Flight in Our Dreams and the Meaning Behind It
  2. Our Perceptions of Airplanes and Flight
  3. Where We Are When We Miss a Flight
  4. Reasons We May Miss a Flight in a Dream
  5. How We Fly in Dreams and What It Means
  6. How We Feel About Missing a Flight & Our Destination
  7. Conclusion: Why We Dream of Missing Flights

Missing a Flight in Our Dreams and the Meaning Behind It

In dreams where we miss a flight, we could look at the following meanings for possibly what our subconscious may be attempting to communicate to our conscious mind.

1. A Blockade or Feeling Trapped

While a missed flight dream could signify a feeling of being trapped or feeling like you may be faced with an obstacle in your path, we need to look at how the flight was missed. 

When we dream of missing a flight there could be various factors at play as to why and how we missed the flight. Usually, in a dream where it feels like it was not our choice, but the actions of others or other scenarios that blocked us, we could take this as an indication that we may be feeling trapped or blocked in our waking lives.

This feeling is usually related to some situation that may be occurring in our waking lives, most often it relates to a change we may need to undergo. For example, if we are in the process of trying to figure out whether or not to end a relationship, or start a new job. It could be the way our mind attempts to communicate to us that we feel we may not know what choice to make and by not being able to make the choice we may be feeling like we may miss an opportunity of sorts.

2. Disconnection and Division 

A missed flight could also be the mind’s way of informing us we may feel we are at a disconnect or experiencing a division.

Whilst it may be related to other aspects of life, it most often relates to our social lives. Perhaps in our waking life, we may be experiencing strife with another person and regardless of our attempts to fix the disconnect, it might feel like we keep missing something and so the strife remains.

It could be a singular person or even a group, but in the case where a dream like this relates to our social lives, we need to consider how do we feel about having missed the flight? As this could give us more insight into what we may be feeling in regards to possibly fixing the division in our waking lives.

3. Helpless and Hopeless 

In some dreams of missed flights, we may be able to look at that through a lens of feeling helpless or hopeless. 

If in our dream the missed flight causes us great distress it could relate back to a similar feeling we may be experiencing in our waking lives. While how we miss the flight comes into play as well, what we feel about missing the flight may also signify an expression of our mind’s current state. 

Feeling like you are in a form of despair for having missed a flight in a dream, may perhaps relate to how we are feeling in regards to a situation in our waking lives. Perhaps we have found that we are stuck between choices or that we are not happy about current changes occurring in our waking lives.

Our Perceptions of Airplanes and Flight

To look at the meaning of missing a flight in your dream we also need to consider what flights and modes of flight in our dreams may mean. 

In this case, we will be focusing on our associations with planes and flying in a plane, and how these relate to a dream of missing a flight.

Associations We Have With Planes

When we look at planes, we need to look at what common associations we carry with them in our waking lives. 

Planes tend to symbolize a take-off in a sense, something leaving the ground. We can take this as perhaps meaning that we see the plane as a metaphor for some project or situation that we feel may have the potential to become something more.

So in the case of a dream of a missed flight, we could look at the plane as being symbolic of a belief we may have that some new venture or perhaps a past one has been grounded. It may be that we are feeling in our waking lives that we are stuck, and so our minds could be using a missed flight in a dream – and the associations we have with planes – as an indicator of how we may be feeling regarding a situation. 

Associations We Have With Flight

Dreams of flying in a plane usually symbolize freedom. In the case of dreams of missed flights, we can take this to mean that there may be a sense of limitation placed upon perceived freedom in our waking lives.

Possibly we may be feeling that our sense of freedom regarding a waking life situation has been taken from us when we miss a flight in our dreams.

Where We Are When We Miss a Flight

In the context of missing a flight dreams, location makes a difference in the interpretations of these dreams. 

Below we will discuss the two most common areas we usually find ourselves in dreams when we miss a flight. As well as look at missing a certain type of flight.

1. At a Terminal or Airport

Terminals of any kind are usually a representation of transitional phases. They tend to represent our journey from one stage in our life to the next. 

Now while these phases could refer to any changes or upheaval in our lives, when it comes to a terminal being the location we are at when we miss a flight we can look at it as symbolic of our social bonds. 

While these bonds could refer to a single person, a group or even our relationship with ourselves, it is important to note what we feel in such a dream. We could be feeling relief or despair or perhaps nothing at all when we dream of missing a flight while at a terminal. In a case where we recall how we felt during such a dream, we need to take a deeper look at what we may be feeling towards our social bonds in our waking lives.

As in our waking lives, a terminal signifies arrivals and departures. So being stuck at one could be representative of feeling stuck in our lives.

2. At a Hangar

An airplane hangar in a dream most often represents our motivation, especially towards goals we may have in our waking lives.

Dreaming that we have missed a flight while waiting or being in an airplane hangar could therefore be seen as possibly indicative of how we feel towards our motivations in our waking lives.

Whilst usually these motivations refer to goals we have set for ourselves or feel we need to achieve externally. It could also be a representation of an internal goal we may have set, such as wanting to work on a behavioural trait we may have or an aspect of our personalities.

So in the case of such a dream, missing a flight at a hangar could tell us that we may also be feeling that we are not meeting our own goals we have set out for ourself.

3. Missing Your First Class Flight

First-class flights are seen as an achievement, especially by those of us who normally fly economy. So in the case of dreams, they normally represent achievements.

So we can look at a dream where we may have missed a flight and we were meant to be in first-class as concerning the above-mentioned. Normally it would be symbolic of our subconscious feeling we have missed some achievement in our waking lives.

Reasons We May Miss a Flight in a Dream

When we look at dreams of missed flights, there’s sometimes a reason we missed a flight in such a dream. Below we will be discussing a few scenarios and their potential meanings.

1. A Hijacked Plane

In a dream where the reason for missing our flight is due to the plane being hijacked, we can usually take that as signifying a feeling of loss of control over a waking life situation.

2. A Flight Attendant

If in your dream an air hostess or flight attendant is the reason for missing your flight, it tends to symbolise needs we feel we may need to take care of.

A flight attendant in our waking lives tends to be seen as the person who looks after everyone’s needs on a flight, so when we dream they are the reason we miss a flight this could be indicative of our waking lives where we may feel a need is not being met.

3. A Pilot

To dream the reason you miss a flight is due to some error on the part of the pilot may indicate that we feel we are unable to bond or connect with someone.

As a pilot is usually within a plane cockpit and inaccessible to us, we may associate this type of dream as a metaphor for someone being out of our reach.

4. A Crash

In a dream where a plane crash has occurred and this has caused us to miss our flight, we can look at it as possibly an expression that we may be overreaching in our waking lives. 

Usually, this overreach would refer to our goals or expectations. And the plane crashing and making you miss the flight could mean that we feel we have missed out on some goal due to an overreach. 

Alternatively, it could signify that we feel we avoided a disaster, related to our expectations. This will depend on how we feel about the crash in our dream.

5. Having Fuel Issues

When we miss a flight due to fuel issues in a dream, we could relate the meaning back to other dreams where a lack of fuel causes a delay for us or grounds us.

Normally a lack of fuel is an indication that you may be running on a deficit of energy in your waking life. In the case of it being jet fuel, we could take this as possibly meaning that the deficit is more severe.

6. A Plane Grounded

If we miss a flight due to the grounding of a plane, it can symbolise that we may be feeling held back in some aspect of our waking life. In such a case we could possibly be feeling that some plan or situation we find ourselves in may not be able to take off in a sense, thus leaving us grounded and stuck.

How We Fly in Dreams and What It Means

In some dreams of missed fights, we could have different associations depending on who we are or what we should have flown in.

1. When We Are The Pilot

In a dream where we miss our flight, but we are the pilot, we can look at it in one of two ways.

Firstly, it may be that we are feeling we have no control over where our lives may be heading, or alternatively it could be that we feel a lack of confidence in our waking life direction.

2. Flight in a Fighter Jet

If we dream we miss a flight that was supposed to occur in a fighter jet, we can look at this as a possible expression in our mind that we feel we may not have the energy levels needed to keep moving with our waking lives. In such a case, it may be that all we need is to take a breather for a bit.

3. Missing a Connecting Flight

When we dream that we have a connecting flight and we have missed it, it may relate back to feeling that we have missed a connection with another person or even an aspect of the self. In a sense, it represents being stuck in limbo.

Alternatively, it could refer to a feeling of having missed something crucial in regards to a potential situation or goal.

How We Feel About Missing a Flight & Our Destination

How We Feel About the Missed Flight 

Looking at a dream of a missed flight we need to take into consideration how we feel about missing the flight. 

In most cases, it can be a distressing dream, but in some, it could be relieving. When we feel relief in regards to missing a flight we could take it to mean that we feel the interpretation above is one we missed, usually in a positive way.

For example, if we feel relief at missing a connecting flight, it may be how our mind is attempting to tell us that we are feeling relief at having missed a bond with another person or a situation. 

How We Feel About the Destination We Were Going

We also need to take a look at how we feel about the destination we may have flown to if this was a detail within our dreams. Not all dreams of missing a flight are negative. 

It may be a destination we want to avoid in our waking lives, be it physical or metaphorical.

Conclusion: Why We Dream of Missing Flights

So in the end, when we have missed flights in a dream, we can usually say it has a negative connotation to it. However, sometimes a missed flight dream could bring us relief.

Whilst usually they refer to a division or disconnect, these situations can be seen in a positive light as well. Not every destination is meant to be reached and not every delay is a bad one. Sometimes our minds just want to tell us to take a moment and take a breath.

It all depends on how we as dreamers feel about having missed our flights.